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4K 4MOS Technology

  • 4MOS sensor (R+G+B+IR)
  • Simultaneous 4K RGB and IR image
  • High frame rate (60fps)
  • Panasonic key technology patent

The 4K 4MOS technology features a 4MOS sensor (R+G+B+IR), simultaneous 4K RGB and IR images, a high frame rate (60fps) and ultra-high resolution 4K quality. This OEM camera can be utilized to visualize surgeries in microscopical or endoscopical areas.

Advantages in various medical areas

The 4K 4MOS camera solution can enhance surgical procedures in various medical areas such as the lymphatic system, blood circulation or cancer cell detection. By utilizing ICG/fluorescence fluid in the patient’s body, the camera can be used, for example, to visualize affected areas of a tumor on a 4K monitor. The technology can also support the physician with superimposed RGB and IR real-time images (60fps) in ultra-high resolution 4K quality. Panasonic holds a patent on this innovative camera technology.




i-PRO Industrial Medical Vision 4MOS 4K Camera Soltuion

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Up date:Thu, 09/04/2020