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Industrial Medical Vision

i-PRO Industrial Medical Vision Equipment

i-PRO Industrial Medical Vision

The freedom to see what can’t be seen

Whether you’re working in medical life science, industrial or ProAV segments, our range of Industrial Medical Vision cameras opens exciting new possibilities.

We’ve always challenged the accepted. Through years of restless innovation, we’ve been constantly improving our Industrial Medical Vision camera range including complete and OEM camera technology systems. Freeing you to break new grounds in a wide variety of environments, from medical (neurosurgery, ophthalmology) or research laboratory to industrial applications (quality control, inspection) up to the broadcast segment (nature documentaries and sport productions).

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i-PRO Micro Camera Systems

i-PRO Industrial Medical Vision Micro Camera Systems provide lightweight, flexible and high-performing imaging solutions. When you’re looking to push boundaries, your technology shouldn’t hold you back. Our range of micro cameras include Full HD and 4K Ultra HD Micro Camera Systems– giving you the freedom to explore.


i-PRO OEM Micro Camera Systems

Our Industrial Medical Vision OEM Micro Camera Systems include flexible and high-performing technology. The high quality and state-of-the-art OEM systems can be easily integrated into various applications according to requirements. Our comprehensive support and knowledge helps to reduce development time, unexpected risk and unnecessary investment in expensive measuring instruments.,Moreover, multi-format and multi-output interfaces ensure maximum compatibility and ease of operation.

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We’re working locally across the world

No matter if it is a medical or industrial application, our IMV product systems are suitable in a wide variety of segments. Whether surgeons or researchers, camera crews or quality control inspectors – everyone could benefit from the freedom to see what can’t be seen.

And through working in partnership and tireless local customer service, it’s freedom we’re here to maintain.

Whether you’re an end-user, system integrator or distributor, discover the freedom of our full range of products and component vision technology.

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