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VI Health MonitorPLUS


Maximizes Surveillance System Uptime

VI Health MonitorPLUS monitors system resources via an easy-to-use interface to alert administrators via email of any issues that might affect camera and video recording operations.

Never miss an Incident again with VI Health MonitorPLUS

The new VI Health MonitorPLUS solution is an on-premise application designed to offer users peace of mind, knowing that all the servers and cameras in their surveillance system are up and running, minimizing the risk of missing important events. VI Health MonitorPLUS provides a complete and easy to use interface featuring real-time monitoring of resources, alerting administrators about any issues that might affect the services, and keeping track of any camera failures and video recording interruptions.

Available only in the United States


Web Browsers

Instant stats available
via any browser



Provide health status and overview of the entire security surveillance system


Email Notifications

Provide instant notification
and real-time alerts


Track Server and Camera Health Availability

Provides detailed information over the health of your site’s cameras along with the CPU, memory, and storage usage of each server being monitored.


Receive Email Notification Alerts

In the event of downed cameras or unresponsive servers, designated users receive notifications in real-time alerting them of the issue, minimizing downtime.


Generate Customizable Reports

Provides the ability to generate transaction reports based on date ranges, allowing users to quickly identify trouble spots.


Accessible and instant stats through any browser

No matter where you are, you can keep tabs on the health and status of multiple sites through any major web browser of your choice.


Unlimited Monitoring

Due to its unique architecture VI Health MonitorPLUS can grow and scale based on your needs, no matter the configuration.

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