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Who we are


The freedom to see what can’t be seen

Whether you’re working in medical life science, industrial or ProAV segments, our range of Industrial Medical Vision cameras opens exciting new possibilities. We’ve always challenged the accepted. Through years of restless innovation, we’ve been constantly improving our Industrial Medical Vision camera range including complete and OEM camera technology systems. Freeing you to break new grounds in a wide variety of environments, from medical (neurosurgery, ophthalmology) or research laboratory to industrial applications (quality control, inspection) up to the broadcast segment (nature documentaries and sport productions). 



Remote Head Camera

Camera Head Module


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Medical device manufacturer

On October 1, 2019, we became independent from Panasonic as an image sensing company. Since the Panasonic era, we have been engaged in B to B camera business for medical, broadcasting, and various industries for many years. In the medical field, we have developed and manufactured cameras for medical devices over the last 30 years and delivered them to medical device manufactures. Especially in the fields of medical endoscopes and surgical microscopes, we have a history of having cultivated technical know-how in collaboration with those medical device manufactures as well as medical institutions in terms of the technological development. We deliver camera modules to those manufacturers, who complete products and apply for regulatory affairs. (In the development of vascular endoscopes, we have acquired the Medical Device Manufacturer license (design). Our main product is camera unit consisting of a camera head called a Remote camera head and a control unit (or board). For the medical device manufacturers, we can also provide only the camera head module.



In camera development in the industrial and medical fields, we have been working for more than 30 years to meet the needs of the fields. We have developed various "industry first" technologies and products. Currently, many of our products are being introduced in the medical field.


Contributing to the medical field with IMV cameras

Contributing to the medical field with MV cameras



Valuable for IMV cameras in the medical field




Camera module business for medical / industrial  

Cameras for surgical microscopes and endoscopes

World No.1

Ultra Small Camera




NIR camera & Surgical support unit with built-in projector

Industrial camera