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VI Video Redaction


The new VI video redaction solution from i-PRO enables users to obscure faces appearing in video using AI-assisted technology.

Schools, correction facilities and municipalities are responding to more and more requests for video of incidents and education records. It is necessary to protect the safety and privacy of individuals who appear in the background or are not involved in incidents by redacting their faces from clips provided as evidence or as education records.

With i-PRO VI video redaction, correctional facilities, school administrators and others can greatly reduce the time and effort required to respond promptly to FOIA or FERPA requests while still protecting privacy. Users can quickly upload any MP4 clip for analysis via the built-in AI-assisted redaction engine. Once the video has been processed, the user can review the results and manually touch up those regions that may require extra attention through the addition of static regions of interest, additional masks and inclusion / exclusion zones.

Once all the changes are made, the edited video is exported into MP4 file for direct download. The original video is always preserved.

With i-PRO VI video redaction, you can:

  • Import MP4 video from your VI MonitorPlus
  • View auto redaction video upon import
  • Define and track special objects or regions
  • Customize redaction styles with gaussian blue, pixelated or box style redaction
  • Export fully redacted video to your desktop

VI video redaction comes as a plug-in for Video Insight and is available via a one-year workstation license.

For more information, contact us.

Available only in the United States

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