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The power of truth.

To capture moments of truth.

Business Field

Backed by strong edge devices, advanced image analysis technologies and AI, with a history of more than 60 years of technical innovation and pursuit of quality, a thorough "visualization" of information has been achieved that previously could not grasped. Linking that information to the customer's work flow contributes to building a safety infrastructure in a variety of worksites, from manufacturing, financing, and medicine to retail, service, and public institutions.

Based on core technologies such as "Video Capturing Technology, Sensing Technology, AI Video Analysis Technology, and Data Security Technology," we develop devices and services such as "Surveillance Camera Systems, Evidence & Investigation Support System, Facial Recognition Systems, Medical & Industrial Cameras, Image Analyzing Software, and Cloud Imaging Services." And based on these, we provide "Sensing Solutions, Public Solution, and Industrial Medical Vision Solutions.


Board of Directors

Managing Director
Masato Nakao    Representative Director, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive OfficerShohei Ozaki    Representative Director, President & Chief Operating Officer
Part-time Director
Yuji Kimura    Founder, President & CEO, Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.Junpei Yamada    Partner, Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.Hideaki Harada    Senior Vice President, Executive Officer, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.
Audit & Supervisory Officer
Tetsuhiko Yamamoto    Managing Director, Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.Keisuke Shimaoka    Senior Vice President, Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.Atsuo Sekine    Full-time

Executive Leaders (CEO, COO, Alphabetical order)

Masato Nakao   Representative Director, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer Shohei Ozaki   Representative Director, President & Chief Operating Officer Ayako Shiga   Chief Information Officer Hideaki Takahashi   Vice President, Head of Corporate Software
Jun Asahina   Vice President, Japan Region Keizo Yamaguchi   Chief Manufacturing Officer, President of i-PRO Sensing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Makoto Takakuwa   Vice President, Head of Corporate Technology Masahiko Hosoya   Vice President, Medical Vision Masami Eguchi   Vice President, EMEA & APAC Regions, President of i-PRO APAC Pte. Ltd. Norio Hitsuishi   Vice President, Global Security Products Sachiko Okamoto   Chief Human Resource OfficerWilliam (Bill) Brennan   Vice President, Americas Region, President of i-PRO Americas Inc.


Company Information

Company Name
i-PRO Co., Ltd.
Masato Nakao, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Shohei Ozaki, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Lines of Business
Development, manufacture, and sales of devices and modules for the security, medicine, and industrial fields. Providing solutions including system integration, construction, maintenance, and related services.
Number of Employees
Approx. 1300 (including related companies)


United States and Canada



Asia Pacific​

Global Network

United States

Vertical Markets

In order to solve vertical-market problems, we provide the development, manufacture, and sales of devices and modules, in addition to the solutions including system integration, construction, maintenance, and related services.


Shoplifting, vandalizing store facilities and deterrence of trouble in parking lots cause a wide range of losses that damages business performance. We contribute to reduce the risk with intelligent surveillance systems including the latest AI technologies. We also make a contribution to facilitate store operations and service quality improvement with the visualization of in-store traffic flows, the degree of congestion and customer service situations. We support the balance between management efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Public Transportation

Our advanced surveillance systems not only help to deter transportation-specific trouble, but also resolve unique problems such as anti-social behavior at stations and on trains, intrusions and sabotage of railway facilities.
We ensure safety and security for passengers and guarantee cargo security with high anti-shock and weatherproof hardware for outdoor use, and advanced software that can instantly detect targets at terminals where an unspecified number of people come and go.

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City Surveillance

Roadway networks spread throughout the city and a stream of passengers at mass transportation systems such as airports, public spaces are always embraced by the flow of mobility. We create safe environment in order to protect citizens and secure cities with not only our AI technologies for highly accurate license plate number recognition, but also with our advanced high-visibility technologies for monitor intersections and streets 24/7.

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Advanced surveillance systems with AI are demonstrating their capabilities to solve various problems that occur at logistics fields, such as the loss of goods, damage to goods and collisions between forklifts and other forklifts, people or goods. We provide solutions for these problems through 360-degree monitoring without blind spots and offering heat-maps that can visualize the traffic patterns by people and how long they stay in one place. It definitely leads to safety and productivity improvement in your company.

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One of the most important tasks for educational institutions is to ensure student safety across large or multiple campuses. Our advanced security solutions include video surveillance to prevent suspicious individuals and reduce vandalism to valuable campus property. By maintaining the learning environment in a safe way, students and educators can focus on study, research and education.

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Contemporary businesses are required to make investments to ensure the safety of employees, equipment and information assets within company facilities along with the advancement of today’s information society. We provide security solutions that can contribute to boost reliability and credibility for facilities, installed by an advanced access control system for improving security levels from a physical perspective and visual surveillance inside and outside buildings.

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Wide range surveillance from seating areas to authorized personnel areas, which can be confirmed in detail, is required at stadiums where many people gather. With a surveillance network comprised of multiple cameras, it is possible to quickly search and track only the necessary images. Also, with a facial recognition system, we can prevent the admission of suspicious parties such as inveterate hooligans or booze benders. The prevention with our system can be supportive solutions for stadiums’ operators and managers, because it creates enjoyable spaces in an easy way for general audiences.

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Local crime prevention, fire control and protecting citizens -- local governments and administrative agencies prioritize these as the most important problems. Our security solutions with AI for governmental organizations are designed to support the many different functions and activities you carry out, such as a wide range of public facilities, roadway networks, and social-infrastructure improvements.

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Law Enforcement

Recorded images at crime scenes are used as evidence. At the same time, the visuals are increasingly used for proactive applications such as criminal investigation support, criminal trend and crime prediction. We offer solutions with our latest technologies such as data management systems that enable you to quickly search for the necessary evidence footage. Additionally, our crime prediction algorithms are useful for early resolution of criminal cases, with real-time monitoring and image analysis. We believe strongly in the value of these solutions to improve job performance in an effective way.

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In addition to security fields, we have produced many achievements in the area of embedded cameras in medical and industrial fields by applying the video technology that we have cultivated over many years. Behind this achievement, there is our camera technology, which has enabled sophisticated and faithful color reproduction. And this technology was not successful without ultra-small diameter cameras equipped with nose-mounted image sensors. In response to needs in medical fields, such as the desire to provide treatment while carefully observing patients in real-time, we greatly contribute to the development of advanced medicine with our cameras and camera technology.


Corporate History

Professional surveillance camera developed at the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Central Research Laboratory
Professional surveillance camera business started at Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. (Business restructured as PSS*1 in 2003) *1 PSS: Panasonic System Solutions Company of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (In-house corporate spin-off)
IP network camera business started at Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. (Company name changed to PCC*2 in 2003) *2 PCC: Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.
The i-PRO Series surveillance camera system was released by PSS.
Upon the launch of Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. (PSN), which was formed through the merger of PSS and PCC, the surveillance camera business was restructured to establish the Security Systems Business Division.
Panasonic's in-car recording system business for North American police and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.’s surveillance camera system business merged as PSN’s Security Systems Business Division.
Acquired US-based video management software vendor Video Insight, Inc.
Panasonic conducted an absorption-type company split succeeding with the PSN Security Systems Business Division.
Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd., a new company that received a co-investment from Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. was established as an independent entity from Panasonic’s Security Systems Business Division.
i-PRO EMEA B.V. was established in Amsterdam.
The company name is changed to “i-PRO Co., Ltd.”, “i-PRO Americas Inc.” for the entity in the United States, and “i-PRO Sensing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.” for the entity in Suzhou, China.​​
i-PRO APAC Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore.

Product & Technology Milestones

Security Systems
Medical/Industrial Cameras
Launched Analog CameraAnalog Camera
Launched Compact “Thumb-Size" Camera
Launched 1/2-inch CCD Camera1/2-inch CCD Camera
Launched the Industry’s First Remote 3CCD
Launched PTZ Dome CameraPTZ Dome Camera
Launched Digital Disc RecorderDigital Disc Recorder
Launched IP EncoderIP Encoder
Launched the Industry’s First Autoclave Compatible Remote 3CCD
Launched i-PRO Camera and IP Recorder
Launched DG-ASM100, PC Software Package
i-PRO CameraIP Recorder
Launched the Industry’s First High-Vision Remote 3CCDHigh-Vision Remote 3CCD
Launched i-PRO SmartHDi-PRO SmartHDi-PRO SmartHD
Launched the Industry’s First High-Vision Remote MOSHigh-Vision Remote MOS
Launched WV ASM, Video Surveillance Software
Launched WV ASF, Facial Recognition System
Launched the Industry’s First 4K 3-Panel (RGB) Compatible Camera Module4K 3-Panel (RGB) Compatible Camera Module
Launched the World’s First 4K 4-Panel (RGB+IR) Compatible Camera Module
Launched the World’s First Tip-Mounted Angioscopy Camera
4K 4-Panel (RGB+IR) Compatible Camera ModuleTip-Mounted Angioscopy Camera
Launched FacePRO Deep, Learning Facial Recognition System SoftwareFacePRO Deep, Learning Facial Recognition System Software
Launched AI Network CameraAI Network Camera
Launched the 4K2MOS Fluorescent Imaging Camera ModuleLaunched the 4K2MOS Fluorescent Imaging Camera Module
Announced the launch of i-PRO mini​i-PRO mini
Launched Multi-Sensor Camera With Advanced AI at the Edge​Multi-Sensor Camera With Advanced AI at the Edge