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Financial Solutions That Simplify Purchasing

Flexible Payment Options

    Low rates and multiple payment options for any type of organization.
    Take delivery now and defer payments until your next budget approval period.
    Allows lower payments in the early term or flex payments to match revenue flow.
    Bundles hardware, software and services into a single monthly, quarterly, or annual invoice. Enables customer to scale up throughout the term.

Why Choose i-PRO Financial Solutions?

i-PRO Americas Inc. is proud to partner with Huntington Technology Finance as a preferred technology financial solutions provider. At i-PRO, we understand that new technology acquisition is mission-critical to strengthening physical security and situational awareness for any organization. It is not enough to ensure that organizations have the best possible security technology that fits their specific needs to increase safety; we must also help make it fit into their available funding levels. i-PRO is committed to finding more economical and efficient options to procure our products.

Having a trusted resource that can help your organization acquire, manage and refresh these assets is also important. i-PRO’s flexible financial programs are designed to help any size organization stay current with security technology modernization and keep within their budget without disrupting procurement and other business processes. We help you gain value from your technology investments by sharing insights and resources that tackle the latest trends and provide guidance on financing and managing technology equipment.

Call us today at 800.513.5417 to learn more about i-PRO Financial solutions!

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