i-PRO 4K 3MOS Ultra HD Micro Camera with 1600TVL resolution

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The GP-UH532 4K Ultra HD with up to 1600 TV lines. The system includes the GP-UH532HA camera head as well as the CCU Unit GP-UH532CA.

The compact camera head is one of the smallest on the market. The GP-UH532HA micro camera head features a 1/3” image sensor and employs a user interface designed for easy control of the system through the operation menu, or the rotating knob. Six or more personal profiles can be stored on a USB memory, and these configurations can be switched to suit a variety of applications.

The system indicates Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601* and can therefore be utilized in a variety of medical devices or procedures. Thanks to a coating covering front, top, left & right side, medical and microscopic areas can benefit from the antibacterial coating.

Various video outputs such as HDMI and HD-SDI allow for a smooth connection between the 4K micro camera system and other devices.

  • Smallest 4K camera head with 1/3 inch image sensor
  • 4K/2K simultaneous dual channel output
  • HDMI and HD-SDI outputs
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Up to 6 personal profiles storable on USB
  • Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601*
  • Color enhancement options
  • Ease of implementation in a variety of applications
  • User-friendly layout

*The Panasonic GP-UH532 series complies with IEC 60601-1* (basic safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment) and IEC 60601-1-2* (EMC requirements for medical devices). The registration status as a medical device may vary depending on the country. For further information regarding conformity please contact us.