City of Bari - Italy


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  • Surveillance de la ville


City of Bari (south of Italy) decided to protect all the territory with high definition 4K and PTZ cameras. 4K cameras to control wide areas like parking, intersection, square, etc..  PTZ cameras managed by the operators in the control room to control specific high crime areas. The plan is to install more than 200 4K bullets and more than 300 PTZ domes. The network infrastructure will be designed step by step following the cameras installation (wire and wireless). Recording system is VSM PC based with a local server (on the field) for high resolution recording images and a central “backup” server for low resolution recording image.


Thanks to the possibility to have a field products comparison between all the cameras vendors we were able to demonstrate the quality of the SPV781. The decision to use i-PRO is taken by the end user thanks to the great image quality during the nighttime.