IDguard - Identity
Redaction Solution


Saves Time, Effort and Resources

IDguard reduces up to 90%* of the manual effort associated with editing video files with sensitive content. As digital content increases from body-worn cameras and in-car videos, the ability to automate time consuming manual processes for video redaction enables agencies to streamline file editing tasks and respond to “FOIA” requests quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Automates the video redaction process
  • Reduces manual process of uploading, storing, searching, editing and sharing content
  • Provides strict, secure, multi-user management with critical editing capabilities
  • Scalable options for any budget, access or security requirements

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence

Increases accuracy by reducing human intervention.

Ingestion API’s

For UDE and UEMS, making integration with existing systems easy.

Highly Efficient

Speeds FOIA requests and reduces editing process up to 90%*.


Configuration options with on premise or cloud-based storage.

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple UI allows quick settings adjustment to blur images.

Product Screenshots


*Productivity gain results are based on internal i-PRO testing and pertain only to video use case. Your results may vary based on user variables.

IDguard application video processing time and resulting redaction capability is dependent on number of faces within the video, clarity of facial image, system hardware configuration and user interaction.