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i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec



i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec (hereafter “iCT for Genetec) is a software that is designed to configure settings of i-PRO network cameras using a PC via network. We expect that those who designing systems or managing the networks will benefit by using this smart tool.

A list of AI cameras connected to Genetec Security Center is displayed, and advanced settings for AI cameras and AI Extension Software that cannot be manage with Genetec Security Center can be operated using an easy-to-understand GUI while checking the images from camera.


Many of the settings for AI camera/AI Extension Software cannot be controlled in Genetec Security Center. Those settings had to be managed by 2 steps: first make changes in “Config Tool” then either camera browsers or i-PRO Configuration Tool is used to further make setting changes.


The problem above is now solved by installing iCT for Genetec. iCT for Genetec enables you to seamlessly process setting changes for AI cameras/AI Extension Software. “Config Tool” is for you to make basic settings. “i-PRO Setting” icon is provided on the “Config Tool” screen, which will boot iCT for Genetec to provide you with the advanced setting screen.


Advanced Camera Settings

Although basic setting change for AI cameras can be made with Genetec "Config Tool", further changes must be made with "iCT for Genetec". "iCT for Genetec" has an easy-to understand GUI so that you can manage detailed settings with ease.

AI Extension “AI Face / People / Vehicle Detection" setting.

AI cameras can install multiple AI Extension Software. “iCT for Genetec” is required to manage settings of Extension Software such as “AI Face Detection”, “AI People Detection” and “AI Vehicle Detection". Although each AI Extension Software has many settings, you can instantly make setting changes using iCT for Genetec's easy-to-understand GUI in accordance with respective detection status .


  1. Download "Operation Guide" by clicking "Operation Guide". 
  2. Download "i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec" to your computer and unzip the file. Once you double-click the unzipped file named "iCTPluginSetup.exe", it will be installed in "Config Tool" in Genetec Security Center. 
  3. Follow the "Operation Manual" to enable "Web-based SDK" and to learn how to start up iCT for Genetec.
  4. You can initialize user name and password for booting “This tool” in the operation screen even if you make mistakes when entering them.


English(NTSC) Tool Operation Guide
English(PAL) Tool Operation Guide
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