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Vertical image distortion on network cameras using the MOS Sensor

Last update: June, 2019

On a network camera that uses a MOS sensor (including a CMOS sensor) as the image sensor, the image may be distorted (stretched) in the vertical direction if a certain vibration (*) is given to the camera.
*Certain vibration: vertical small vibration (wobble)


The subject is distorted by applying vibration to the camera under the influence of a method (rolling shutter) that reads out signals for each scanning line (line) unique to the MOS sensor. 
This is a phenomenon that commonly occurs with cameras equipped with MOS sensors and is NOT a malfunction. 
The following distortion images are extreme images for understanding the phenomenon and are different from the actual images.



Depending on the environment used, it may be caused by the influence of wind due to the pole installation, etc., or the influence of vibration of large heavy equipment.
The cause of the vibration can be eliminated by removing it or relocating it to a place without vibration.
By increasing the frame rate or using the shutter, the distortion of the image changes into slight shaking but it is NOT a solution of the problem.