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Change of digital certificate

Last update: March, 2021

Please be informed that the digital certificate installed in our network cameras and network disk recorders is changed from Digicert certificate to GlobalSign certificate, from April 2021.

A network disk recorder may fail to connect to a network camera with GlobalSign certificate installed, in SSL encrypted communication, when the firmware version of the recorder is 4.20 or older.  This can result in a communication error on the recorder.
When you see the error, upgrade the firmware of the recorder to version 4.30 or later. 
The firmware version 4.30 or later supports both Digicert certificate and GlobalSign certificate.

As digital certificate is used only in SSL encrypted communication (HTTPS communication), firmware upgrade is not required when you do not use HTTPS.


  1. Overview
  2. Error checking flow / Countermeasure
  3. Applicable models and firmware version


1. Overview

Applicable models with GlobalSign certificate  
 *Digital certificate will not be changed by firmware upgrade

Applicable model Month of change
 Network cameras (See model list)
     i-PRO EXTREME Series
     SmartHD Series
Production in April 2021
 Network disk recorder
 New products with digital certificate pre-installed Release in April 2021

Phenomenon due to certificate mismatch and its countermeasure

Communication error occurs on a network disk recorder (See details)

Occurrence condition:
When a camera produced in April 2021 or later is connected to a recorder produced in or before March 2021 (version 4.20 or older) in HTTPS (SSL encrypted communication). 
*This error does not occur when SSL encrypted communication is not used.

Upgrade the recorder firmware to version 4.30 or later


2. Error checking flow / Countermeasure

How to check the communication error due to the change of digital certificate


Check item #1 : Communication error display

The following errors occur on the recorder.



Check item #2 : Digital certificate



3. Applicable models and firmware version

Applicable models in which GlobalSign certificate is installed at the point of April 2021 production and their firmware version.

Type Model Name Firmware Version   Type Model Name Firmware Version   Type Model Name Firmware Version   Type Model Name Firmware Version
Network Disk Recorder WJ-NX200 4.30   Fixed Dome WV-S2110 4.70   Compact Dome WV-S3111L 4.70   PTZ WV-S6111 4.70
WJ-NX300 4.30   WV-S2111L 4.70   WV-S3131L 4.70   WV-S6130 4.70
WJ-NX400 4.30   WV-S2130 4.70   WV-S3511L 4.70   WV-S6131 4.70
Fixed Box WV-S1111 4.70   WV-S2131 4.70   WV-S3512LM 4.70   WV-S6530N 4.70
WV-S1112 4.70   WV-S2131L 4.70   WV-S3531L 4.70   WV-X6511N 4.70
WV-S1131 4.70   WV-S2211L 4.70   WV-S3532LM 4.70   WV-X6531N 4.70
WV-S1132 4.70   WV-S2231L 4.70   WV-SBV111M 4.70   WV-X6531NS 4.70
WV-S1511LN 4.70   WV-S2250L 4.70   WV-SBV131M 4.70   WV-S6532LN 4.70
WV-S1531LN 4.70   WV-S2270L 4.70   WV-SFV110M 4.70   WV-S6532LNS 4.70
WV-S1531LNS 4.70   WV-S2511LN 4.70   WV-SFV130M 4.70   WV-X6533LN 4.70
WV-S1531LTN 4.70   WV-S2531LN 4.70   360-degree fisheye WV-S4150 4.70   WV-X6533LNS 4.70
WV-S1550L 4.70   WV-S2531LTN 4.70   WV-S4550L 4.70   WV-SUD638 4.70
WV-S1570L 4.70   WV-S2550L 4.70   WV-S4550LM 4.70   WV-SUD638-H 4.70
WV-SPV781L 4.70   WV-S2570L 4.70   WV-X4170 4.70   WV-SUD638-T 4.70
WV-X1551LN 1.40   WV-SFV781L 4.70   WV-X4171 4.70   Multi-sensor WV-S8530N 4.70
WV-X1571LN 1.40   WV-X2251L 1.40   WV-X4571L 4.70   WV-X8570N 4.70
WV-S1552L 1.40   WV-X2271L 1.40   WV-X4571LM 4.70   WV-S8531N 1.01
WV-S1572L 1.40   WV-X2551LN 1.40   WV-S4151 1.40   WV-X8571N 1.01
        WV-X2571LN 1.40   WV-S4551L 1.40        
        WV-S2252L 1.40   WV-S4551LM 1.40        
        WV-S2552L 1.40   WV-X4172 1.40        
        WV-S2272L 1.40   WV-X4173 1.40        
        WV-S2572L 1.40   WV-X4573L 1.40        
                WV-X4573LM 1.40