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This page provides the troubleshooting guides to help you with solving the problems while using i-PRO products.


  1. Installation
  2. OS/Browser
  3. Image quality
  4. Extension software
  5. ASM300
  6. SD memory card
  7. Others


Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
How can I ground i-PRO device to reduce lightning surge? Camera
Countermeasure for Lightning Surge【C0121】 


Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
What should I do with the pop-up blocker that appears on Internet Explorer 11 on the Windows 10 PC? Camera
Important information of pop-up blocker on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10
How can I switch out of S mode on Windows 10 PC? Camera
How to switch out of S mode in Windows 10
How can I perform Windows Update on the WV-ASF950 server PC? Software About Windows Update on WV-ASF950 server  

Image quality

Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
How can I improve the blur image on far objects under low illuminance? Camera How to get deep depth of field【C0127】 
A fixed dome camera shows a double image depending on its vertical angle. Camera Double image phenomenon on fixed dome cameras【C0128】 
How can I avoid the reflected glare on the image of a dome camera when a sunshade is installed on it. Camera How to prevent IR reflection from a sunshade【C0511】 
An indoor PTZ camera shows a partially black image after attaching an inner cover to it. Camera How to avoid a shadow due to an inner cover (Indoor PTZ camera)【C0512】 
The image appears distorted due to the ponding water. Camera How to avoid image distortion due to the ponding water on the ClearSight dome cover【C0130】 
How can I reduce the reflected glare or ghost effect on the image? Camera How to prevent IR reflection in black & white mode【C0109】 

The image quality deteriorated after the ambient temperature changed largely.

Applicable models: Network cameras with Auto Back Focus (ABF) or Auto Focus (AF) function

Camera Ambient temperature effects on camera images 
The image becomes unstable due to the ambient vibration. Camera Vertical image distortion on network cameras using the MOS Sensor
Out-of-focus occurs when switching between color mode and black&white mode. Camera Further information regarding focus adjustment of the cameras with Day & Night function【C0315】
Stripe pattern (moire) appears on the image. Camera Striped pattern (moiré) phenomenon when reducing the screen size

The image quality deteriorates and noise occurs on the image during the pan operation.

Applicable model: PTZ cameras

Camera Notice on using PTZ Network Cameras with built-in slip ring【C0125】
Packet loss occurs on the recorder when it is directly connected to a switching HUB that implements Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az). Recorder Influence of Energy Efficient Ethernet on WJ-NX series and other recorders.

Extension software

Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
The extension software installed on the camera is not working properly. Camera

Troubleshooting for i-PRO with AI engine【C0317】  

*Click here to download "Resource monitor extension".
Refer to "How to use “Resource monitor extension” tool" in chapter 4.

- The detection accuracy has decreased.
- False positive and true negative alarms occur

AI-Privacy Guard (WV-XAE201W):
- Blurring and Blocking processings are not working properly

Camera Troubleshooting Information for AI Analytics Applications  


Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
WV-ASM300 operation window displays the green screen instead of the camera image.  Software Camera image on WV-ASM300 when using the PC diagnosis (4K camera) function
The combo boxes are blank on the setting windows in the Device setup screen. Software WV-ASM300 screen display issue on Windows 10 version 1903

SD memory card

Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
Unable to playback the H.265 images in an SD memory card on a Windows 10 PC. Camera This issue occurs after performing "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update(Version 1709 / RS3)" because this update deletes HEVC codec required for playback.  Click here for how to confirm if HEVC codec is installed on the PC or not.
Unable to access the SD memory card on a camera via FTP site. Camera
How to access the SD card on a network camera via FTP in Windows 10


Issue Product Category Countermeasure / Workaround
How can I check the camera status on the Status window? Camera Status Information Description Page【C0111】
What information is required for the issue analysis during software development? Camera
Required information for analyzing software development issues
Camera settings are changed unexpectedly when accessing the camera from a Windows 10 PC whose version is 1903 or later. Camera Workaround for unexpected setting change on i-PRO network cameras
Communication error occurs on the recorder version 4.20 or older when accessing a camera. Recorder Change of digital certificate  

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