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Notes on using PTZ Network Cameras with built-in slip ring

Revised in January, 2023

A PTZ network camera with 360 degree endless panning has a built-in slip ring that can transmit power and signals.
If the slip ring becomes dirty, the image quality may deteriorate or noise can occur during the pan (horizontal rotation) operation.

Applicable PTZ cameras:

PTZ Network Camera with 360 degee endless pannnig*
*Panning range can be confirmed on the manual "Important Information" or "Basic Information" of the camera in use
 Download available at Documentation Database 

Usage conditions that can make the slip ring dirty:

1. The camera keeps moving between certain positions for a long time (e.g. Auto pan)
2. The camera performs panning only occasionally


Noise occurs on the whole or a part of the image as below.



Configure the schedule to perform periodical "Position Refresh" in the [Schedule] setup window.
*Note : Operating the camera will be unavailable during the position refresh process for about 2 minutes.