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NWDR Calculator

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NOTE : This page has described the calculation tool for the recording Unit configuration.
            Description of the recorder, please refer to the instruction manual.

1. Overview

This tool calculates the required quantity of recorders, extension units or HDDs by input data of the Camera conditions, recording time or additional data (VMD information, Audio and so on).
You do not have to worry about the each detail specification or any limitations of products.

2. Features

To save the time, this tool enable to display the result in real time even if you change the some parameters for the simulation.
You don't have to press "Enter" even if you change some parameters and you can check the simulation results one after another.
The details are described below.

2-1. Batch output of all recorders's information

This tool provides each recorder's information collectively and that enable you to grasp the required information at a glance.
This improvement is based on the customer's voice that the previous tool was divided by each recorder and was difficult to calculate the best result in case of different types of recorders.
And after this improvement, you can select the best configuration not only the specifications but also the cost performance.

2-2. No need to know each Recorder's specification

All you have to do is to input the "Camera conditions" into the tool and then you can find the corresponding recorders and those quantity.
You do not need to know the detail specifications of each recorder because this tool have detail recorders's specification such like limits of Recording capacity, extension units, VDM information, JPG total fps and so on.

3. Spec & Function

Item Spec & Function
Target Model WJ-ND400/ NV200/ ND300A/ ND200/ HDE400/ HDE300
System requirement OS: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Internet Explorer 11/ 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 6
Download the setup file Click here
Execution file NWDR Calculator


4. How to use this tool

Please set each item based on recording condition.

4-1. Operation Example


Items Explanations
(1)  Model number Please refer the following table as for the camera name and Model number.
Model number :  Camera name
i-PRO SmartHD :  WV-SC3**, WV-SW3**, WV-SC3**, WV-SF3**, WV-SP3**,
  WV-SP1**, WV-SF1**, WV-SW1**, BB-ST1**, BB-SW1**
i-PRO SmartHD (FullHD) :  WV-SP509, WV-SW559, WV-SF539
NP502/NW502S :  WV-NP502, WV-SW502S
GXE500 :  WV-GXE500
NP304/NF302 : WV-NP304, WV-NF302
NP1000 :  WV-NP1000
Other i-Pro :  WV-NW960, WV-NS950, WV-NW484S, WV-NS202A,
:  WV-NP244
BB-HCM7** : BB-HCM7**
BB-HCM5**/3**/1** :  BB-HCM5**, BB-HCM3**, BB-HCM1**
(2)  Num. Please enter a quantity of channels to be used.
*Number that you enter in the case of GXE500 is not the number of devices.
  Please enter a quantity of channels to be used.
(3)  Type (1)  H.264
- Frame rate of frame rate prior mode is sample data. (Condition : Refresh rate of 1 second, VDM on, Audio receive)
- Frame rate of bit rate prior mode is sample data. (Condition : Refresh rate of 3 second, VDM off, Audio off)
- Bit rate of stream from BB-HCM** cameras includes not only picture data but also some network protocol header data (assuming 30% increase on picture data.)
(2)  JPEG
- Bit rate of JPEG stream includes not only picture data but also some network protocol header data (assuming 15% increase on picture data).
- But the data other from picture are not recorded.
- The frame rate of BB-HCM5**/3**/1** is limited to 5 fps.
- Bit rate of BB-HCM1** is needed to be configure in the camera setting.
- The frame rate of BB-HCM5**/3**/1** is limited to 5 fps.
(3)  MPEG-4
- Bit rate of stream from BB-HCM** cameras includes not only picture data but also some network protocol header data(assuming 30% increase on picture data).
(4)  H.264
- Face matching is available with only 1 ch of NV200. NV200 are needed as the number of 'Face matching' cameras.(Face matching)
(4)  Resolution Please select the "Resolution" from following conditions.
[4:3] QXGA (2,048x1,536), SXVGA (1,280x960), SVGA (800x600),
VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240)
[16:9] FHD (1,920x1,080), HD (1,280x720), '-- '---
HVGAW (640x360), 180P (320x180)
(5)  Image capture mode Please select the "Image capture mode" from following conditions.
2-mode :  Double Panorama + Quad, Single PTZ/ Panorama + Quad,
  Single PTZ
VGA(4) :  VGA Quad streams
*Depending on the "Model number (1)", you have to choose Image capture mode.
In case of "---", you do not need to choose it.
(6)  Bit rate per one camera - FPS number of constant bit rate is the maximum value, fluctuations will be larger compared to the specified frame rate.
- FPS number of frame rate is the image quality on the equivalent of FQ.
*Packet loss with wireless communication is not considered.
(7)  Prior mode/ Quality The function to search the date that the motion was detected in the recorder and reply the recording image.
Prior mode / Quality signed (*) is not available with NV200.
(8)  Quality/ Rec.(fps) If you choose the "H.264" compression, you do not need to choose "Quality / Rec. (fps)".
(9)  VMD Information The motion detection (VMD) function of cameras.
(10)  Audio The audio recording function of cameras
(11)  Hour(s) per day Recording Duration (hours per day)
(12)  HDD Capacity Please use recomended model.
(13)  HDD RAID Please refer following factors.
Single:for All NWDRs
RAID 1:Data Mirror to another disk "ND200".
RAID 5:One parity disk is needed for each unit. (ND300A, ND400)

5. Results

This tool automatically calcurats the ideal conditions without aware of any limitation such as camera quantity, bit rate JPEG fps or RAID.

Items Explanations
(14)  Check to show down You have to check this "check box" to display the configuration.
(15)  Theoretical result(fps) Total bit rate (Mbps) and capacity (TB) of all cameras that are input as recording conditions.
(16)  Recorder condition Total capacity (TB), Power consumption (W) and quantity (U) of each recorder.
(17)  Unit Configuration-1 Total bit rate (Mbps), capacity (TB), JPEG(fps) and quantity (U) of each recorder's model number and each recorder.
(18)  Unit Configuration-2 The number "1-3" of H.264 and JPEG are match to the order of input condition of number "1-3".

JPEG file size and recommended bit rate of H.264/ MPEG would vary depending on the each camera's performance.
Therefore, the recording days may differ even at the same recording condition.
Condition:  Compression: H.264/ Resolution: SXVGA/ 1.3M mode/ Quality: FQ

    Model number              Recommended bit rate
  i-PRO Smart HD                     1,536 kbps
  i-PRO Smart HD(Full HD)        1,024 kbps

Recording days of i-PRO Smart HD(FullHD) is larger than i-PRO Smart HD.


Watt(W) is calculated only for i-PRO recorder and extension units.
Other components, such as i-PRO cameras, network switches or etc. are not considered for Watt calculation.
Make a space of 1U (44 mm / 1.73 inch) above and below the unit for ventilation.