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How to Use the Integrity Verifier Tool

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1. Overview

"Panasonic MP4 Integrity Verifier" is the software which runs the integrity check of video files (MP4 format) which are recorded in SD memory card of Panasonic network camera.

2. Operating Environment

2-1. Compatible devices

Panasonic network camera supporting the function of alteration detection

2-2. About Video files

The video files created using the alteration detection function of Panasonic network camera are based on the specification "ONVIF Export File Format v1.0 August, 2013". This software runs the integrity check based on ONVIF standard.

2-3. System requirements

Item Required Spec
OS Microsoft® Windows® 8 Pro 32-bit/64-bit*1
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit/64-bit *1
CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory 1 GB or more
HDD 1 MB of disk space is necessary for installation of this software
Monitor 1,024 x 768 pixels or more, 24-bit True color or better
Network interface 10/100 Mbps Network interface card must be installed *2
Others Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.0 is required to run this software
  *1 This software is designed based on the default style or the font size of Microsoft® Windows® 7.
It is not recommended to change the display style or the font size from the default.
The GUI of this software may not function as designed if one changed the display style or the font size from the recommended default settings.

*2 The network settings on the PC must meet those of the network environment where the PC is connected.    

3. How to install / uninstall

3-1. Installation

Please download this software from the download site, and decompress the file. When double-clicking " MP4IntegrityVerifier.exe", this software is run.

Item Description
Download the setup file Click here
Execution file                MP4IntegrityVerifier.exe

3-2. Uninstallation

Delete the contents of the folder of this software.

4. How to use this Tool(Outline)

4-1. Get data necessary for the alteration detection

The certificate used to add the information of the alteration detection and the video file which was added to this information are required in checking the verification of the video file correctly by this software. Please refer to the instruction manual of Panasonic network camera about the data acquisition method from the camera.

4-2. Detect alterations from video files

1)Select a folder that contains video files.
2)Select the certification file and confirm the contents of this file.
3)Run the integrity check.

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