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How to get deep depth of field

Last update: June, 2021

This article describes how to improve blur image on far objects under low illuminance, by making depth of field* deepen for i-PRO Network Camera (especially with indoor / outdoor box camera).

*What is Depth of field? - The area in focus on an image. 

  • Deep depth of field: The area in focus is wide 
  • Shallow depth of field: The area in focus is small



  • The image has depth
  • Ambient illuminance is low
  • Focus is on the near side


To improve blur image on far objects, make depth of field deepen by manually moving the focus to the “Far” side


Other considerable methods

  • Increase the ambient illuminance
  • Increase the shutter speed in [Maximum Shutter]
  • Use a brighter(lower f-number) lens with deep depth of field