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E-Series Download Useful Tool



Management Software

Language Manual Firmware Version Date
  • English
V1.12.1 May 18, 2016


Language Download File Type Version Date
  • English
3.02 Dec 19, 2018

Configuration Tool

Language File name Description Version Date
English General_ConfigTool_Eng_V4.09.6.R.20180417.zip ConfigTool for Windows 10
(except HD cameras : K-EF134L03AE, K-EF134L02AE, K-EF134L06AE, K-EW114L03AE, K-EW114L06AE)
4.09 June 26, 2018
English PSN_ConfigTool_Eng_V1.07.5.R.160315.zip ConfigTool for Windows 7 1.07 June 26, 2018