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AI Vehicle Detection

AI Vehicle Detection [TYPE1] Software Activation Procedure

Please activate by according to the steps as follow.
  - Click here for Operating Instructions

1. Download the “AI Vehicle Detection” from here and save it onto the PC.


- Do not use a blank (space) and double-byte characters for the name of the destination directory.

2. Select “Ext. Software Management” from the sub menu of iCT and then click [App. Installation/Update].
3. Select target cameras to install the application. Multiple cameras can be selected.
4. Fill out the following items on the setting menu.
    - Extension software: Select “AI Vehicle Detection” 
    - Folder: Specify the destination directory of the extension software downloaded.
5. Click the [Confirm] button.

6. Check to be sure that a check mark is on the target camera and the version of the application to be registered/updated is correct on the confirmation window and then click the [Start] button. 
After the installation is successed, the Extension Software will be validated.

• Do not turn off the power of the camera during the installation process.
• Do not perform any operation during the installation process and wait until it completes.
• When the installation is failed, check the message in the error content of the message field.



- Click here for Operating Instructions→AIFaceDetection_AIPeopleDetection_AIVehicleDetection_OI_en_1625041951.7584.pdf (panasonic.net)