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Image Quality

High image quality in security surveillance camera system is very important from the viewpoint of crime prevention.


Resolution Solution

4K resolution is a generic term for the video that corresponds about 800 million pixels (3840 x 2160 pixels). "K" is a initials of kilo representing the 1000, 4K represent 4000.4K has four times the resolution of full HD (full high definition), it is a new video technology.
4K is used in representing the resolution, such as the PC, television, high definition digital video cameras, digital cinema.
Video shot with 4K security / surveillance camera, can experience a sence of realism in the perspective representation of high-definition depiction to detail.


Ultra HD 4K security / surveillance cameras offer 27 times the resolution of conventional analog cameras (VGA),  nine times that of standard HD (1,280 x 720) and four times that of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080).
This means that the finer details of images remain clear even when you need to magnify only a part of the image.
The high performance lens used by Panasonic’s 4K security cameras provides uniformly high-resolution images from the center out to the edges.

Reference: 4K security / surveillance camera product


Panasonic’s Propriety 3-Drive Lens System
The i-PRO TRUE 4K security / surveillance Camera is equipped with Panasonic’ s proprietary 3-drive lens system, which simultaneously drives two zoom lenses and one focus lens. Having three lenses all driven independently allows them to be smaller and their drive areas reduced, and has thus enabled us to make the camera.
Compact enough to fit in a standard camera body while providing a high-power 6x zoom with high 4K picture quality viewed from an ultra-wide-angle of 100°.


Refined Resolution and Superior Contrast for a Higher Level of  Video Imaging
In order to create a sharp, clear texture, 12 lenses in four groups are used to provide the ultra-high resolution expected of 4K in every part of the image, from center to edge. Both a higher level of representational precision and a more compact lens system are achieved. Plus, all lenses are glass, while aspheric lenses are also used extensively to reduce aberrations to the ultimate degree. The clear depiction, sharp resolution and beautiful color reproduction necessary for true 4K monitoring have all been successfully achieved.

9M 360-degree security / surveillance camera
9M (3K × 3K) high-resolution performance enables sharp rendering of objects and people’s faces at the edge sections of the fisheye (360-degree) security / surveillance camera image.

Reference : 360 degree security / surveillance camera product


Color Solution

Super Chroma Compensation (S.C.C.)
Color images are inaccurate in low light conditions.

In low light conditions, IR cut-off filter is removed and sensitivity is increased to maintain video level.  Color reproduction is preserved but color tones are less accurate.

SCC function restores the natural color tone even in low light.(with IR Cut Filter Removal) 

Note:Some colors may look different from the actual objects depending on the light condition. Do not use SCC with infrared lights.


Noise Solution

FDF (Frequency Divided Filter)
Removing fine noise generated under low illumination to achieve a low bit rate.

3D-MNR (3D-Multi-process Noise Reduction)
Removing grain noise generated under low illumination to achieve a low bit rate.