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4K (3,840 x 2,160) / 4,000 x 3,000

What is 4K?

4K resolution is a generic term for the video that corresponds about 800 million pixels (3840 x 2160 pixels). "K" is a initials of kilo representing the 1000, 4K represent 4000.4K has four times the resolution of full HD (full high definition), it is a new video technology.
4K is used in representing the resolution, such as the PC, television, high definition digital video cameras, digital cinema.
Video shot with 4K IP camera, can experience a sence of realism in the perspective representation of high-definition depiction to detail.



Ultra-high 4K picture quality for detailed, wide-area monitoring with a single camera.

Fewer cameras also means a substantially lower total cost of ownership.




- 4K Ultra HD Engine

- Frame rate(30fps)


- 3,840 X 2,160 pixels

- 3 drive lens system


- Rain Wash Coating

- Dehumidifier Device

- IK10,IP66



4K Vandal Resistant
Weatherproof Dome 
Network Camera

Product Page


4K Vandal Resistant
Network Camera

Product Page




Ultra high-definition, 4K picture quality

Ultra HD 4K IP cameras offer 27 times the resolution of conventional analog cameras (VGA), 
nine times that of standard HD (1,280 x 720) and four times that of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080).
This means that the finer details of images remain clear even when you need to magnify only a part of the image.
The high performance lens used by Panasonic’s 4K IP cameras provides uniformly high-resolution images from the center out to the edges.


Cropping Function

A given area within a single image can be selected, cropped and displayed.
For example, areas with high monitoring priority, such as a parking garage entrance or a hallway, 
can be selected and displayed for easy viewing.
You can still keep an eye on the overall image while also focusing on specific areas.
With PTZ cameras, when the lens is pointed in a single direction, other areas go out of view during that time,
but with a 4K IP camera you can monitor the entire area while also watching specific areas requiring more focused monitoring.


Wide-Area Monitoring

A single 4K IP camera can effectively monitor a wider area, which allows you to reduce the total number of cameras while also eliminating blind spots.

Monitoring can be performed not only at vertical and horizontal angles, but for deeper depths as well.

And, even when monitoring within the same area, 4K’s increased range means that the number of units required is reduced substantially compared to that of conventional cameras.

This translates into reduced costs for the cameras themselves, less installation time and labor, and lower maintenance costs.

In 4K CCTV system, 4K-ready monitors can also reduce the number of monitors needed in the control room.


Low Light Ready

The camera’s ultra-high 4K resolution allows it to capture color images in dim, low-light conditions.
In even darker conditions, the camera can use its monochrome inversion function to switch to black-and-white images, and in zero-light conditions it can accurately display what is happening in front of it using infrared LED vision.

High-power 6x zoom lens with an ultra-wide angle of 100°

An optical 6x zoom lens comes standard. The viewing angle range and zoom power can be set in line with 
conditions where the camera is installed.
Using a proprietary 3-drive lens system, Panasonic has developed a high-power 6x zoom lens with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 100°, a type of lens that is extremely difficult to produce using conventional optical design 
The lens is capable of capturing an extremely wide area, allowing effective 4K coverage of outdoor areas.

  • Ultra-wide-angle 100°: Wide-angle monitoring of parking lots, stadiums etc. utilizing 4K resolution
  • Telephoto 17°: Monitoring of individuals or crowds from a distance.



Panasonic’s “True 4K Technology”

• Panasonic’s Propriety 3-Drive Lens System

The i-PRO TRUE 4K IP Camera is equipped with Panasonic’ s proprietary 3-drive lens system, which simultaneously drives two zoom lenses and one focus lens. Having three lenses all driven independently allows them to be smaller and their drive areas reduced, and has thus enabled us to make the camera
compact enough to fit in a standard camera body while providing a high-power 6x zoom with high 4K picture quality viewed from an ultra-wide-angle of 100°.


• Refined Resolution and Superior Contrast for a Higher Level of
   Video Imaging

In order to create a sharp, clear texture, 12 lenses in four groups are used to provide the ultra-high resolution expected of 4K in every part of the image, from center to edge. Both a higher level of representational precision and a more compact lens system are achieved. Plus, all lenses are glass, while aspheric lenses are also used extensively to reduce aberrations to the ultimate degree. The clear depiction, sharp resolution and beautiful color reproduction necessary for true 4K monitoring have all been successfully achieved.


Easy Installation

Various design features have been added to shorten installation times.
The camera has also been designed to be capable of pointing in the preferred direction at the preferred location.


When attached to the mounting plate, the camera’s direction can be easily changed at intervals of 90°. 
Rotating the viewing area around the lens further allows the lens to be pointed in the desired direction.
The combination of a 6x optical zoom and autofocus also shortens the amount of time required for
fine tuning the installation.

A total of three adjustment points on the camera base and arms enables its position to be fine tuned to allow accurate pointing.