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People Counting

People counting is ideal for various environments, including retail, schools, banks, recreation facilities, museums, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight. The system provides data analysis, allowing you to gain insight of the numbers of visitors per day. In addition, you can identify the busiest and key areas or exhibits, and - in combination with heatmapping - can therefore enhance the customer experience throughout the whole visitor flow.

Market analysis with high precision people count function by the extension software
● Algorithm development on phenomena peculiar to exit / entrance such as U-turn and improvement of measurement accuracy.
● Automatically acquire, totalize, and output the people count results of up to 96 360-degree Dome Cameras with summary and graph display application software.
● Reduction of setup time and High precision number of people count are realized by easy operation of the person count setting tool (browser less setting) specialized exclusively for exit / entrance.

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