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Facial Recognition


Face Recognition System


Face Recognition System running in the video surveillance system

Successor model : WV-ASF950

• Add-on face matching function: Add the face matching function by simply adding the necessary devices and the software
• Can be connected up to 20 cameras on a server.

Face search
• Face images that camera detected are stored, and it can be searched later.
• By searching the face DB, you can display the result of each cameras in chronological order and find movement locus of persons.
• Specify camera or date in detected face images and display the result in the list in similarity order.

Face Matching
• When it is matched with registered people, alarm of face matching is output in real-time, and display an alarm history in the list.
• Specified screen image can be played back on control monitor with double-clicking on an alarm history.

People counting, Age and Gender Statistics
• Count people of detected face and evaluate their age and gender
• Display the result on the screen with statistical graph
• The statistical data can be saved as a CSV file for analytical use.

Face Matching Speed At 1 second in 1,000 registered faces *From receiving the face thumbnail to matching in face matching server.
Max. Number of Face in Matching list Up to 1,000 face *Matching accuracy depends on a number of registered person, quality of the face image and environments.
Max. Number of Face detect Camera 10 cameras is suitable, up to 20 cameras per 1 face matching server.
*Deploying plural face servers in a system is acceptable.
Max. Number of Face history Up to 10 million items
Max. number of client PC that can be linked with the alarm WV-ASC970/ WV-ASM970 : 64
WV-ASM200 : 4
File extension of registered face image for import BMP, JPG, PNG

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