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i-PRO Mobile APP


i-PRO Mobile APP



How to configure the settings

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Introduction of the application

i-PRO Mobile APP is an application that can view the images from i-PRO SmartHD Series / i-PRO EXTREME Network Cameras, i-PRO Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NV200/WJ-NV300/WJ-ND400/WJ-NX400/WJ-NX200/WJ-NX300) or Digital Video Recorder (WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716). By connecting a terminal to a 3G/4G or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), it is possible to view live images from cameras registered on the recorder and recorded images stored on recorders. Alarm notifications from network cameras and network disk recorders can be received by i-PRO Mobile APP by using the mobile notification tool (windows app).
Note: i-PRO Mobile APP does not support third-party cameras.


Introduction of public environment
To customers before purchasing our products

You can try i-PRO Mobile APP by registering the following device information.
We are temporarily suspending the operation of open environment from at 00:00:00 on Monday August 1, 2022. The operation will resume at )23:59:59 on Monday October 14. 

Fixed Box camera
・ Address: ipromobile.viewnetcam.com
・ Port Num: 50001
・ SSL: On
・ User Name: ipro.mobile
・ Password: IPRO.mobile

PTZ camera 
・ Address: ipromobile.viewnetcam.com
・ Port Num: 50002
・ SSL: On
・ User Name: ipro.mobile
・ Password: IPRO.mobile

360-degree fisheye camera
・ Address: ipromobile.viewnetcam.com
・ Port Num: 50003
・ SSL: On
・ User Name: ipro.mobile
・ Password: IPRO.mobile

• Download the i-PRO Mobile APP application on the Google play™ store, Apple App Store.

To use the i-PRO Mobile APP via the Internet, it is recommended to register in the i-PRO Viewnetcam (DDNS) service.


Click here for more information about Mobile Notification Tool (windows application).

Mobile Notification Tool >


Check live video
Check live video from an independent camera or a camera connected to a recorder.
To check live video, switch between the camera list screen and the live screen.

Control live video
Perform PanTilt/ Zoom/ Preset/ Resolution/ Focus Dewarp operation.

Play recorded video
Play videos recorded in the SD memory card (SD recording) on the camera or videos
recorded in a recorder (recorder recording). Search recorded video by date, time or event and play.(The event search is available only at the time of SD recording playback.)

Download playback video
Download video recorded in an SD memory card on the camera (SD recording) or video
recorded in a recorder (recorder recording) to the smartphone in MP4 format.

Check the statistics in a graph
Check the person count information including the number of visiting and staying persons with graphs when the extension software is installed on the camera in use.

Alarm notification function
Alarms from the cameras and recorders are displayed in a pop-up display.
By tapping the pop-up display, you can check the live video of the camera where the alarm occurred.


The application supports the following models

Supported Network Cameras
(A)Firmware Ver. 1.64 or later
WV-SW598(A), WV-SW397(A/B) , WV-SC588(A), WV-SC387(A), WV-SW458(M,MA) , WV-SF448(E), WV-SF438, WV-SW158, WV-SF138, WV-SW559, WV-SW558, WV-SF549, WV-SF548, WV-SF539, WV-SF538, WV-SP509, WV-SP508
(B) Firmware Ver. 2.00 or later
WV-SW395(A), WV-SC385, WV-SC384, WV-SW155(M/MA), WV-SW152(M), WV-SF135, WV-SF132, WV-SW115, WV-SP105, WV-SP102, WV-SW175, WV-SW172, WV-SW174W, WV-ST165, WV-ST162, WV-SW396(A), WV-SC386, WV-SW355, WV-SW352, WV-SF346 , WV-SF342, WV-SF336, WV-SF335, WV-SF332, WV-SW316(L), WV-SW314, WV-SP306, WV-SP305, WV-SP302, WV-NP502, WV-NW502S
(C) Firmware Ver. 1.84 or later
WV-SFV631(LT/L), WV-SFV611L, WV-SFR631L, WV-SFR611L, WV-SFN631L, WV-SFN611L, WV-SPW631(LT/ L), WV-SPW611(L), WV-SPN631, WV-SPN611, WV-SFV531, WV-SFR531, WV-SFN531, WV-SPW531AL, WV-SPW532L, WV-SPN531(A), WV-SFV311(A), WV-SFV310(A), WV-SFR311(A), WV-SFR310(A), WV-SFN311(A/L), WV-SFN310(A), WV-SPN311(A), WV-SPN310(A), WV-SPW311AL, WV-SPW312L, WV-SFV130(M), WV-SFV110(M), WV-SFN130, WV-SFN110, WV-SBV131M, WV-SBV111M, WV-SUD638
(D) Firmware Ver. 1.07 or later
WV-SFV481, WV-SFN480, WV-SFV781L, WV-SPV781L
(E) Firmware Ver. 1.20 or later
WV-S2531(LTN/LN), WV-S2511LN, WV-S2231L, WV-S2211L, WV-S2131(L), WV-S2130, WV-S2111L, WV-S2110, WV-S1531(LTN/ LN/ LNS), WV-S1511LN, WV-S1132, WV-S1131, WV-S1112, WV-S1111, WV-X6531(N/NS), WV-X6511N, WV-S6530N, WV-S6131, WV-S6111, WV-S6130, WV-S3532LM,WV-S3531L,WV-S3512LM,WV-S3511L,WV-S3131L,WV-S3111L
(F) Firmware Ver. 1.00 or later
WVS4550(L/LM), WV-S4150, WV-X4571L(L/LM), WV-X4171, WV-X4170, WV-X8570N, WV-S8530N, WV-S2550L,WV-S2250L, WV-S1550, WV-S1572L, WV-S1570L, WV-S1552L, WV-S1550L, WV-S1531LTN, WV-S1531LNS, WV-S1531LN, WV-S1511LN, WV-S6532LNS, WV-S6532LN, WV-X6533LNS, WV-X6533LN
(G) Firmware Ver. 2.42 or later
WV-V1170, WV-V1130(LK/ L1), WV-V2530(LK/ L1), WV-V6430L
(H) Firmware Ver. 1.00 or later
WV-U2542L, WV-U2540L, WV-U2532L, WV-U2530L, WV-U2142L, WV-U2140L, WV-U2132L, WV-U2130L, WV-U1542L, WV-U1532L, WV-U1142, WV-U1132, WV-U1130
(I) Firmware Ver. 1.00 or later
WV-X2271L, WV-X2571LN, WV-X2251L, WV-X2551LN, WV-X1571LN, WV-X1551LN

Supported Recorders
WJ-NV300 Version 1.03 or later, WJ-ND400 Version 3.40 or later, WJ-NV200 Version 1.50 or later, WJ-HD616/716 Version 2.60 or later, WJ-NX400 Version 1.02 or later, WJ-NX200 Version 1.02 or later, WJ-NX300 Version 1.00 or later

Supported encoder
WJ-GXE100 Ver. 1.81 or later, WJ-GXE500 Ver.1.50 or later.

Model Name / extension software Name Supported version Area count Line count
V3.00 or later -
AI Occupancy
V1.31 or later -
AI-VMD / AI People Counting
for 360-degree fisheye camera
V1.22 or later

About Security
Please execute the following countermeasures to prevent security risks.
1) Please be encrypted between the mobile device and the wireless router.
2) Please enable sure device lock functions (password lock and screen automatic lock) to prevent unauthorized operations and information leakage and by using movie device.
3) If you set a easily guessable password, there is a risk of being caught out the password to a third party. Please set the estimated difficult password.
4) Please Use HTTPS as the communication method between the mobile device and the connected device (camera/recorder/PC) to prevent information leakage. When using HTTP, please be aware that there is a risk of information leakage.
5) If you want to repair, discard or transfer your mobile device, please initialize your mobile device.
6) Do not expose a Mobile Notification Tool with setting up a globally accessible domain name or a global IP to the Internet.

Download the application from here.


Click here for more information about Mobile Notification Tool (windows application).

Mobile Notification Tool



Documentation Database



- i-PRO Mobile APP Software(link) and Version history
(478.57 KB) pdf, 5.1, Last Modified: 19 Nov 2020
Google play (Click here for detail)
App Store (Click here for detail)




- Mobile Notification Tool
(130.77 MB) zip, V1.2.0, Last Modified: 01 Apr 2022



Operating Instructions

- Mobile Notification Tool Operation Guide
(3.19 MB) pdf, V1.2.0, Last Modified: 01 Apr 2022



- i-PRO Mobile APP Operation Guide
(12.0 MB MB) pdf, 11.2, Last Modified: 03 October 2022