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Meet Gerard, our President of i-PRO EMEA 


Question 1: What is i-PRO for you?

i-PRO is a new start. It’s building something new, which has a lot of history, but bringing it to the next level of innovation. So, we are taking the best from the past and making the best for the future.

Question 2: How long are you with i-PRO and what was your most formative experience in this time?

With i-PRO scince 1st of October 2021 and before with Panasonic working in the i-PRO department since 2007, when I started as an engineer. Looking back the most formative experience was the 1st of October 2021. Because this was the day that something new has been born. We were working many months on the new company establishment and all the efforts from many people were paid off when we were able to launch the new company. I feel very proud and honoured of being part of it. This is really a remarkable day in my life.

Question 3: What is your favourite ice cream?

Maybe chocolate. But really it is whatever my daughter chooses because I always have to finish her ice cream, so I don’t really get to choose. 

Question 4: What superpower would you like to have?

Being able to disappear, so that nobody can see me and just get the chance to relax. 

Question 5: What is your favourite family recipe?

Paella or barbecue. 

Dear Gerard,
We appreciate you heading our company and we absolutely admire your overall positiveness and 24/7 happiness. You always make everyone in the i-PRO Team feel included and our opinions and feedbacks appreciated, which great for all of us, and you always have an open ear if something comes up. You are a great leader and role model, which makes you a living proof of the i-PRO company policy, being humble, always approachable and being wonderful at what you do. We are happy to have you!