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The i-PRO X-Series cameras run Deep Learning AI applications on the edge for lower TCO and faster processing.

Bracknell, UK. 9th September 2020 – i-PRO today announced its collaboration with the software company A.I.Tech. It brings together i-PRO’s industry’s leading security cameras with built-in AI capabilities and groundbreaking intelligent applications to provide a range of business solutions based on deep learning, many applicable to the current COVID-19 environment.

The deep learning applications run directly on the cameras themselves, eliminating the need for additional servers for analytical calculations whilst maintaining the same high levels of accuracy. The benefits include lower total cost of ownership of security infrastructure, as well as faster processing and more immediate alarms, notifications or information from the applications.

A number of the deep AI applications can be used in the current pandemic to help manage social distancing, occupancy levels and the wearing of face masks. Applications can also be used by retailers to enhance the customer experience; in smart cities for traffic monitoring and smart parking; and by event organisers and transports hubs to monitor and ensure safety.

They are completely integrated with the recently introduced i-PRO X-Series camera range with AI engine, which includes six new models in total: The 5MP resolution cameras went on sale in July and the 4K resolution cameras come to market in November. All are available with vandal resistant indoor and outdoor dome or box configurations.

“This combination of AI intelligence with our flexible and adaptable cameras offers a new generation of predictive business and security applications that will help our customers become more proactive in their daily operations,” said Gerard Figols, European Head of the i-PRO Security Business Unit. “With the i-PRO security cameras being open for third parties to develop their own ideas, it’s just the beginning of a new era of intelligent applications.”

Alessia Saggese, Sales & Marketing Director at A.I Tech, added: “For the first time, this collaboration allows customers to harness all the benefits of all our deep learning based applications by using the incredible power of the AI engine in the i-PRO cameras. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tailor security hardware to the specific needs of a business or community.”

For further details about the individual A.I. Tech deep learning applications available with the i-PRO X-Series cameras visit: https://www.aitech.vision/en/products/