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Bracknell, UK. 11th November– With European businesses facing a perfect storm of changing buying behaviours and digital disruption, i-PRO says the time is right for the next wave of business innovation, called Gemba Process Innovation. Based on i-PRO experience in Japan, Gemba Process Innovation combines an in-depth understanding of an organisation with the latest technologies to help transform the way a business operates.

i-PRO business-to-business division is bringing Gemba Process Innovation to Europe by combining its industry understanding, hardware, software engineering and integration skills to offer businesses tailored, integrated solutions to transform their organisations. The gemba is a Japanese expression meaning “the physical site where value is created”. In the supply chain, the gemba is where things are made, moved, or sold.

In Europe, Gemba Process Innovation is most obviously suited to manufacturing, logistics and retail but it has applications across many industries. In manufacturing, Gemba Process Innovation can accelerate automation with the use of technologies such as robotics. In logistics, it can provide the ability to sort, schedule, track and monitor the condition of goods using Deep Learning and IoT sensor technologies. In retail, it can be used to adopt AI and camera technology to drive personalised digital marketing, as well as automated stock re-ordering to optimise product availability.

“The external pressures shaping business across Europe have never been greater,” said Hiroyuki Nishiuma, new Managing Director at i-PRO System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU). “Examples include changing consumer buying habits, rising environmental and ethical awareness and an ageing population reducing the labour pool. As businesses address these issues with the next wave of technological innovation, i-PRO plans to assist them by becoming a full service provider focusing on industry solutions that transform the gemba — the place where value is created.”