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Ensures Faster Deployment and Services, Massive Scaling and Higher Reliability for Networked Physical Security Systems



Las Vegas, NV (March 23, 2022) – i-PRO Americas Inc., a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, announces a new technology partnership with Extreme Networks to further enhance the deployment, scalability and reliability of large-scale physical security systems.

“Our technology partnership with Extreme further increases our ability to deliver highly integrated physical security system solutions faster and with an added layer of advanced automated network technology,” said Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management, i-PRO Americas Inc.

i-PRO has partnered with Extreme to enable automatic capture of video and data at the highest quality under dynamic and challenging surveillance environments. The tight integration of i-PRO’s system solutions with Extreme’s networking solutions allows for massive scaling of video streaming and a reliable, always available professional security solution.

Extreme Network’s Fabric Connect provides unmatched scalability, flexibility and ease of deployment for IP-based surveillance and security devices. The solution creates an agile, reliable, virtualized network where you can deploy advanced intelligence at the edge, allowing applications to run as much as three times faster due to the ability to automate many manual network processes. Fabric Connect – a native capability of Extreme’s VSP and 5000 Series of Universal switches – streamlines and simplifies network management, significantly reducing the number of protocols and touchpoints to make networked physical security systems more stable and resilient.

Extreme joins i-PRO’s growing list of technology partners, which includes the recent additions of Vaxtor, a leading provider of VaxALPR automated license plate recognition software. Additionally, i-PRO has partnered with Genetec, Inc. to offer CloUDE powered by Genetec, a cloud-based digital evidence management system that enables the convenience and cost-efficiency of storing video evidence and data in the cloud versus on-site.