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In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our American Education Week highlights!

i-PRO Helps K-12 Educators Procure Funding for School Security

While millions of dollars in local, state, and federal grant funding is available to schools for security upgrades, researching and applying for those grants is highly complex, and most K-12 institutions are significantly limited in terms of the resources, expertise, and time they can devote to those projects. Learn how i-PRO's Grants Program can help secure grant funds in three easy steps! https://loom.ly/IXczyKM

4 Ways to Leverage Surveillance Cameras to Advance K-12 Security Systems

i-PRO understands the problems school districts face. For this reason, we continue to design new technologies with feedback from K-12 school administrators to meet their unique needs. If you are looking to optimize your surveillance cameras and advance your K-12 security systems from reactive to proactive, here are four ways i-PRO can help: https://loom.ly/HcmIikg.

AI Analytics – Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership

It can be hard to understand the difference in price, value, and ease of installation for AI implementations. Amy K. Bolin's blog post discusses how schools can implement cost-effective AI solutions with i-PRO's simple, lower-cost, lightweight proactive AI Analytics. Check out her insightful post and illustrated video to understand the total cost of ownership for analytics implementations at https://loom.ly/vQL8Vvs.

School Security: Tips on Addressing the Elephant in the Room

In our American Education Week interview with Jon Pratt, CTO of Murrieta Valley USD, Jon shared some unique challenges educators face in keeping their facilities secure. Jon said, "Education is unique or at least presents unique challenges, I think, for security camera systems. And understanding and designing for education from a manufacturer such as i-PRO, I do believe, is very important." https://loom.ly/EUP1qYQ.