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On development of i-PRO Camera Application

i-PRO Camera Application Platform offers the SDK (Software Development Kit) for free to support application development.
Since developed applications can be installed in i-PRO network cameras, development of solutions suitable for user needs become possible.

*1: Unnecessary if developing an application that does not require an AI processor


This is a kit for application partners to develop additional applications.


*2: Not provided for application development without using AI processors.

*3: Tool to convert an AI model developed using an open source deep learning library such as Caffe, Tensorflow or ONNX in order to run it on an i-PRO network camera.

API schematic diagram

API required for application development is provided.

To become a development partner

The procedures cover from development to application sales.
Please check our disclaimer about network cameras.


Please contact us from the inquiry form.
Frequently asked questions can be found here in Q&A format.


We will provide the SDK after concluding the non disclosure agreement.
Please understand that we may refuse your application if it is from a camera development company or semiconductor manufacturer, or if your purpose is personal.

Please purchase a camera for development from our vendor or agency.

Conclusion of the software license agreement is required to distribute an application.




Which programming languages are available?

C and C++ are available.

What development environment is supported?

The development environment (OS) is Ubuntu.
Please refer to the development manual contained in the SDK that will be provided after concluding the NDA.

Is there a way to check how much a developed application uses resources (CPU/RAM/ROM)?

We will provide a tool for that.

Where can I inquire concerning development?

We will inform you after concluding the NDA.

Is it possible to create applications utilizing existing AI models?

It is possible if the AI model is developed using an open source deep learning library such as Caffe, Tensorflow or ONNX.

Application utilization

Where can the application be downloaded from?

Please acquire it directly from the providing company.

What should I do to install the application in a camera?

It can be installed using the camera browser.
(Refer to the operating instructions of the camera for further information.)

Up to how many applications can be installed?

Please refer to the supported camera list.
* The available number of installable applications may vary depending on the application to be installed.

Is it possible to run multiple applications simultaneously?

Yes, it is.
Applications may not work properly though, depending on the CPU utilization.
It is recommended to check the application operation in advance.

Which unit can the registration key of the AI processor be used for?

A registration key is required for every single camera.
* A registration key is not required for every single installation of the application.

Where is support available if there is a problem with the installed application?

The company providing the application will provide the support.

Where can I inquire regarding the operation and specifications of the application?

Please directly contact the company that provides the application.

Is it possible to uninstall an existing application in order to change the application used to another application?

Uninstallation is available from the camera browser.
(Refer to the operating instructions of the camera for further information.)