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Featured Products

New Products

NEW PTZ cameras in S-series and U-series

WV-S61301-Z2 / WV-S61302-Z4 (Indoor model)
WV-S65340-Z2N / WV-S65340-Z2N / WV-S65340-Z4N / WV-S65340-Z4K (Outdoor model)
WV-U61300-ZY / WV-U61300-ZYG / WV-U61301-Z1 / WV-U61301-Z2 (Indoor model)
WV-U65300-ZY / WV-U65300-ZYG / WV-U65301-Z1 / WV-U65301-Z1G / WV-U65302-Z2 / WV-U65302-Z2G (Outdoor model)

Compact AI network camera / i-PRO mini

[Indoor models]

Full HD Fixed Network Camera / AI Engine

[Indoor models]
WV-S22700-V2L / S22500-V3L / S25700-V2LN
[Outdoor models]
WV-S15700-V2LN / S15500-V3LN / SS25700-V2LN / S25500-V3LN

Multi-Sensor Camera

[3 Cameras]
WV-S8543 / WV-S8543L / WV-S8563L / WV-S8573L
[4 Cameras]
WV-S8544 / WV-S8544L / WV-S8564L / WV-S8574L

U-Series Network Camera

[Built-in varifocal lens]
WV-U1132A / U1142A / U2132LA / U2142LA (Indoor model)
WV-U1532LA / U1542LA / U2532LA / U2542LA (Outdoor model)
[Built-in fixed lens]
WV-U1130A / U2130LA / U2140LA / U2142LA (Indoor model)
WV-U2530LA / U2540LA (Outdoor model)

i-PRO Active Guard

i-PRO Active Guard - Server/Client software for VI
i-PRO Active Guard-Server/Client software for Genetec


Featured Products

i-PRO Edge AI Solution

[AI Analytics Applications]
AI-VMD / AI counting / AI People / Vehicle / Face Detection / AI Sound Classification / AI Privacy Guard / Non-Mask Detection / AI Occupancy Detection / i-PRO Active Guard

System Controller



WV-X6533LN / 6532LNS (Salt Damage Resistant model)
WV-X6533LN / S6532LN 

4K Network Camera

WV-S2570L / S2270L / S1570L 

Compact Dome Camera

WV-S3532LM / S3512LM (Outdoor Vandal Resistant Transit model)
WV-S3531L / S3511L(Outdoor Vandal Resistant Dome model)
WV-S3131L / S3111L(Indoor Dome model)

5MP Fixed Network Camera

WV-S2550L (Outdoor Dome model)
WV-S2250L (Indoor Dome model)
WV-S1550L (Outdoor BOX)

Server / Embedded Solutions

WV-ASM300 Series

i-PRO Management Software