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Excellent image quality under all circumstances.



Top priority for the entrepreneurs is security. “In the past, there have been several break-ins at CapelleXL. Besides, the entrepreneurs want to offer a safe environment for their employees, even when they are working overtime. In order to guarantee that kind of security in the public space, CapelleXL has installed a camera security system in the business park, by means of a public procurement process,” Ron Verhage, park manager at CapelleXL proudly declares. The system consists of over 30 WV-SPN531 security cameras by Panasonic, which deliver high quality full HD images, by day and by night. The system was officially inaugurated in March 2016.

Deterrent effect 

When the security system was put into operation, the project received praise from mayor Peter Oskam: “As a mayor, I am happy with all contributions to a clean and safe Capelle aan den IJssel. The CapelleXL security system fits in perfectly into this. As a former police officer, former judge and former officer of justice I am well aware of the importance of having good camera footage. The images of this system are excellent and I am sure that it will be a great help in the unfortunate case that a crime should take place. However, it is my greatest hope that the camera system in itself will already act as a deterrent, so the images will never even be necessary as evidence.” 

Fibre optic network

Originally, there would have been a camera security system that works with wifi, but CapelleXL quickly revisited that plan. “The business area was elegeable for the placement of a fibre optic network,” Verhage explains. “Given that the wiring still had to be drawn, we decided to link the camera security to the fibre optics network, resulting in a stable and reliable system.”

“The connection to the fibre optics network has brought great advantages in terms of speed, data processing and image quality,” Rozendaal adds. “Thanks to this link, we were able to use the Panasonic Full HD cameras. Distributor Sabelco advised us on the height and angle under which the cameras had to be placed, so that we could oversee the whole terrain with about 30 cameras. They offer full HD images that are clear under all weather conditions, by day and by night.”
“The images that we receive from the camera system are of an outstanding quality,” Verhage continues. “In the case that something should happen at the business park, and the images are given to the justice departement, they need to be good and can’t leave any room for discussion. In the short time in which the system has been operational, some successes were already achieved.”

Expansion to own installation

For the storage of the images, the Panasonic WJ-ND400 IP recording systems were selected. 64 camera streams can be connected to this system simultaneously, without having to reduce the image quality and netwerk capacity. All images are recorded, with the added possibility to quickly rewind or look up certain images. The images are stored for one month.

In the future, it will be possible for the entrepreneurs at CapelleXL to connect their own security systems to the network as well. This way, a central network will be created, which guarantees security on the entire business area. This kind of centralisation provides a significant reduction in costs, which is an additional plus for attracting new investors.

“The entrepreneurs on CapelleXL business area themselves are happy with the realised activities,” concludes Verhage. “The camera security gives people a good feeling. On the one hand thanks to the deterring effect the system has, on the other hand due to the outstanding image quality, and the knowledge that in the case that something should happen, it will always be possible to see what has happened exactly. Thanks to this system, and others, CapelleXL is well underway of becoming the finest business area in The Netherlands.” 

Corporate Investment Zone (CIZ)

A CIZ is a legal instrument that allows entrepreneurs to jointly invest in the common areas of the business terrain on which they are based. All investments are divided equally over all participants. The CIZ is financed through a CIZ-contribution, collected through community taxes. The community gives the money to whomever needs it, in the form of a tax. The money is used for improving the viability, safety, quality or other public interest in the public space of the CIZ. The participants in the CIZ have to vote every five years whether they want to continue the CIZ or not.