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VIQS Technology
Variable Image Quality on Specified Area

i-PRO constantly endeavour to provide you with security solutions that not only improve your business operations, but to also do so whilst ensuring that your costs are not unnecessarily high. Our VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) technology is designed to fulfil both of these objectives. This function (available on a multitude of our security cameras) allows a user to select specific areas within an image to stream in high quality. All areas outside of this specified area are streamed in lower quality, thus reducing the file size of the stream.

This technology comes complete with a user friendly interface to allow ease of operation with minimal training required. It allows the user full control over a stream through a variety of easily modified settings.


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How can this technology benefit my business?

The answer to this is very simple. Due to the fact that only a portion of your video stream will be in high quality, the size of the file will drop. This in turn will achieve two primary factors. Firstly, a smaller file size during streaming will mean that less bandwith is used; Secondly, the file will also occupy less space when saved, allowing you to free up crucial space on your hard drive.

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