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Panasonic ClearSight Coating

ClearSight Coating


This coating can prevent water droplets from covering the dome to ensure that the camera view remains unobstructed. In addition to this, the self-purification effect of hydrophilic materials can eliminate dirt and dust collected on the dome cover. This coating on the dome cover can last up to 7 years.

How does it work?

i-PRO's ClearSight Coating (hydrophilic), found on such cameras as the WV-SFV781L (true 4K dome camera), is an invisible protective layer that allows water to sheet over the surface of the dome rather than form droplets on the camera cover, which could scatter light and impair visibility. Included in this technology is a self-cleaning functionality, which uses rain water to wash dirt away effortlessly.

This simple technology will ensure that your cameras stay unobstructed by the elements, keeping your business operations secure in any conditions.

Self Cleaning Function

Due to prolonged use, PTZ cameras installed outdoors tend to collect dirt and dust on the dome cover that may cause the deterioration of image quality. It is hard for operators watching the images every day to notice such a slow deterioration in image quality. To maintain the superior image quality, these cameras require regular maintenance to wipe the dirt and dust away from their dome covers. However, dome cameras for outdoor use are often installed at locations where maintenance is not easy, and labor cost problems are significant. In addition, when the dome cover collects raindrops, it is often hard to monitor the images clearly. To solve this problem, i-PRO can offer PTZ cameras with ClearSight Coating dome covers applied with hydrophilic materials.

Touchable ClearSight Coating

With the touchable ClearSight Coating option, installation and maintenance can work much easier and more smoothly as there is no degradation of the cover surface when it's touched. The improved touchable coating also allows the removal of oily contamination with neutral detergent and wiping.