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Retail Insights

The modern retail environment is full of challenges. Besides staff and customer safety, and the prevention of theft and fraud, retailers find themselves confronted with strict regulations on privacy and data protection.

On top of that competition from e-commerce and increasing fixed costs result in sluggish growth and eroding margins.

Successful stores need to optimize their operations. The ability to capture and understand customers’ behaviour and meet their demands is essential.

But how can retailers meet those demands when flooded with information that's difficult to consume and impractical as an aid for decision-making?

i-PRO aims to help retailers overcome these challenges in the market by offering powerful business analytics and behavioural insights that work seamlessly with their smart and efficient security systems.

i-PRO offers applications to optimize store operations in order to minimize fixed costs for inventory and personnel and to develop an omnichannel eco-system that becomes a game changer for operational and commercial efficiency.

Reduce Internal Fraud and TCO with i-PRO’s 4k 360 Camera for Retail

Reduce the number of cameras, reduce installation costs and keep a high image quality with no dead angles or blind spots.

With a wide variety of transmission modes, you’ll have a full view of your branch.

Choose from Fisheye, Panorama, Double Panorama, Quad PTZ, Single PTA and Quad streams.

i-PRO views compared to competitors A, B, C

i-PRO 4K Intelligent Compression Technology for Retail

With i-PRO smart bandwidth management and state of the art compression technology you can keep a high image quality whilst maintaining the current infrastructure bandwidth.

i-PRO Business Analytics for Retail

With i-PRO Business Analytics you can see who was in your store, when they were there and what they purchased.

You can then use this information to:

  • Anticipate customers needs and desires
  • Discover points of engagement and friction
  • Improve the retail experience
  • Measure how shoppers respond

Face Matching Server (WV-ASF900)

  • 1 Face Server connect 20 cameras
  • 1,000 black list face registration
  • 5 million history data in 3 seconds

Identify hot spots, gain insight in to customer behaviour and analyse queue length and times with i-PRO's Face Server.




Integrated Loss Prevention System with Video surveillance and Face Matching. Easy and Simple operability.

i-PRO Intelligent People Masking for Retail

Protect your business and the your employee’s privacy with the latest masking technology.


i-PRO systems can perform MOR on the camera side instead of on the server side, thus reducing the server load.



Camera-side masking means no server load for MOR.

Complete Range of i-PRO Retail Solutions