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Higher education

Keeping pace with technology is critical for any higher education establishment wanting to attract students and achieve academic success. Our integrated solutions can help you do both. From rugged mobile computers and tablets for faculty and staff, to short-throw and large-format projectors, Panaboards, classroom audio solutions, digital signage and professional AV equipment, our technology can help you set new standards in terms of teaching, learning and the overall student experience.

Security solutions for educational institutions

Surveillance and security that protects students and teachers

The safety of students and staff is vital for every school. The distinctive quality and flexibility of our network cameras effectively reduce the threat of harassment and violence. Suitable for monitoring school playgrounds, hallways, gyms, lunch areas and classrooms, they ensure the safety of students and staff, and prevent damage to school property..

With an increasing focus on everything from bullying, to medical emergencies and vandalism, campus security is more important than ever. Administrators understand that they’re not only responsible for protecting school property, but must also provide students, teachers and personnel a safe-yet-nurturing environment.

What protects people isn’t alarms or cameras, it’s integrated access control and communications. Our team of security system experts can help you identify the best configuration and layout for your security surveillance system by building custom, flexible plans for your school or district needs, now and into the future.

Our IP-based network cameras and recording devices are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing security systems, thanks to our “open format” system that’s easy to implement and manage. Outdoor and vandal-proof cameras can withstand even the toughest environments. Multi-format network video recorders offer a complete network solution for simultaneous recording, remote access to live views and playback of critical events.

Whether you’re renovating facilities, upgrading an existing security system or starting new construction, you’ll feel more secure with Panasonic protecting you.

More than security - with video analytics

higher education

Simply seeing what has already happened isn’t always the most valuable use of video surveillance. With our video analytics, we can help to prevent damage. For that reason we build in a variety of features which allow you to understand and interpret the visual information and inform relevant people in case of unexpected incidents.

For example, our facial recognition software means that unwanted people can be identified and prevented from accessing your premises. Equally, people counting, age and gender statistics can help you to understand who is currently on your premises and monitor where they are.

Some examples:

  • Facial detection - helps you to remove unauthorised people from your premises.
  • Age and gender recognition - helps you to prevent unwanted access to restricted areas.
  • Movement detection - when areas are closed or typically out of use, you can receive alarm information and visual confirmation whenever movement is detected.
  • Theft - video records allow you to identify when and where items have been lost or gone missing.
  • Loitering detection - receive automatic alerts when groups of people are congregating in unauthorised areas.
  • Illegal parking - use video recognition to register all cars in your parking zones. Car number plate recognition allows you to identify unregistered cars.

CCTV not only allows you to protect people on your premises but also reduce damage and theft. The examples above are just a small sample of what’s possible, so why not contact our solutions experts to discover what you need and how we can help you?

Fire alarm solutions

The demands on fire alarm systems are increasing all the time. The most important task for a fire alarm system is the early detection of a fire in order to save lives and property in different environments. Hard-to-detect fires, such as glowing or smouldering fires, have to be quickly and effectively detected. On the other hand, you also need to keep false alarms to a minimum, so the system has to have high sensitivity and low sensitivity at the same time.

With more than 30 years’ experience and 15,000 installations, Panasonic has a long track record of delivering successful fire alarm solutions. Our systems include server and controller units, smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, short circuit-isolators, sirens and other technology to protect your facilities 24/7.

Combining the advantages of both technologies developed for the fire alarm systems and CCVE systems, Panasonic provides a highly reliable security solution suitable for any installation.