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i-PRO’s casino solutions are designed to help you enhance the visitor experience in your venue, while reducing crime and improving security. With our help, you can build a business that’s more efficient, more customer focused and more profitable than ever before.

How do i-PRO solutions support casinos?

i-PRO’s casino solutions are designed to help you enhance the visitor experience in your venue, while reducing crime and improving security. With our help, you can build a business that’s more efficient, more customer focused and more profitable than ever before.


Improve the layout of your gambling machines

With Business Intelligence Video Systems you can identify dwell times, pinch points, visitor behaviour and other information to optimise your casino.


Provide information, promotions and entertainment

With our wide range of our displays and projectors that can operate on a 24/7 basis.


Maintain complete control over your premises

Our integrated access control systems allow you to manage the movement of people throughout your premises.

Security and analytics solutions for casinos and gaming

From flashing lights and massive foot traffic, to fast-moving cards, hands and chips — the gaming floor can be one of the toughest environments to monitor and secure. i-PRO’s end-to-end surveillance solutions can give you the security intelligence you need to protect your premises and your players. When you're responsible for employees, visitors, assets and property, a comprehensive video surveillance and security solution from i-PRO is the safe bet.

i-PRO's renowned technology, quality and reliability deliver the peace of mind you need. We offer end-to-end solutions for every element of video surveillance in and around your facility. Whether you're starting new construction, renovating, or upgrading an existing security system, we can help you through the planning, design, installation and implementation of the system that's right for you. Our sales partners will work with you to identify your individual needs and the specific equipment to fit them, while staying within your working budget.

Stay ahead of the game

Security footage is worthless if you can’t see the details you need. i-PRO cameras deliver industry-leading HD quality that pierces dim lighting environments, compensates for light flares and even sees through highly reflective surfaces to capture crystal-clear images. i-PRO HD cameras support extreme magnification so operators can extract minute details. This high degree of resolution captures subtle hand gestures even under adverse lighting.

Never forget a face

With advanced features, including real-time face detection and built-in analytics, our systems give you critical, high-definition coverage and nuanced intelligence.

Monitor anywhere, anytime

Tap into real-time, zero-delay video feeds whether in the control room or monitoring the pits. i-PRO IP and IP hybrid security systems can stream security feeds through encrypted, cloud-based applications that let you monitor operations on a PC and tablet simultaneously.

Turn back the clock in full HD

Real-time monitoring is critical, but preserving a historical record is absolutely essential. i-PRO systems archive around-the-clock, full-resolution, HD footage for up to 45 days. Of course, our archiving protocols support our advanced facial recognition software and extreme zoom capabilities — indispensible tools for deeper investigations.

Upgrade easily and affordably

If you’re looking to make the move to an IP system, we can help you migrate affordably. Whether you’re running on an analogue or hybrid platform, we can design a surveillance system that integrates easily into your existing installations. Customised solutions include system consultation and engineering support, plus integration of hardware and software from our large pool of distinguished technology partners. i-PRO will help define the best system components for you, including video management, analytics and more.

Casinos, gambling and games

  • i-PRO is the global leader in security cameras and video surveillance equipment.
  • i-PRO offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of IP addressable, analogue and hybrid camera systems.
  • Our i-Pro Smart HD systems feature face detection and real-time face recognition, as well as variable resolution to reduce the overall video file size.
  • Our video servers allow you to monitor surveillance camera images at any location in HD.
  • Our matrix switchers and control systems feature the most advanced performance and control features available.
  • We offer fibre-optic transceivers, receivers and transmitters designed specifically to work with our security products.

The ideal technology partner

i-PRO has the unique ability to bring you what other technology companies can’t — video surveillance and security solutions that integrate with core business technologies. We offer a wide range of products that live on your network and work together with our video surveillance solutions, including:

  • Toughbook mobile computers and TOUGHBOOK tablets
  • Network monitoring systems
  • Digital signage/flat-panel displays and projector systems
  • IP phone systems

One partner, one solution

Only i-PRO offers seamless integration and interoperability of enterprise-level technology solutions for casinos, along with scalability to expand your customised system as business needs change. And i-PRO manufactures durable and reliable solutions designed for cost efficiency. With i-PRO, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your surveillance technology needs.