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How do i-PRO solutions support the automotive sector?

From manufacturing plants, to diagnostic workshops, through to showrooms, our specialist automotive solutions have long set the standard in your industry. Many of the sector’s biggest names already use our technology across their entire operations, benefiting from its ability to transform the way automotive businesses work.


Secure your investments and goods

With our flexible video surveillance solutions which can be installed inside or outside of your premises and provide outstanding results, day and night, thanks to thermal cameras. Tracking technology also allows you to record and analyse the operation of your forklifts and products.

Optimise your processes and workflows based on real insight

Based on visual analytics features, along with barcode readers and tracking technology, which can provide production-line monitoring, pinch points and much more. Equally, you can use our modular industrial camera solutions for quality control, thanks to their HD colour reproduction, incredibly low latency and high-speed, optical zoom for up to 36x magnification.

Maintain complete control over your premises

Our integrated access control systems allow you to manage the movement of people throughout your premises.