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Industries Solutions

We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and that finding the right solution for your needs is an important decision. i-PRO provides an end-to-end security solution for the following industries.

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In shopping centres, chain stores, supermarkets and individual retail outlets, Panasonic’s business technology is hard at work, saving cost, improving performance and helping to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Higher Education

In universities and professional training centres, i-PRO’s educational technology is hard at work, helping to engage students and inspire imaginations.

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Transport Road & Rail

Providing high-definition, instant and intelligent insights to help mitigate theft, trace parcels and reduce health and safety risks.

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Construction & Engineering

To meet the many demands of the construction and engineering industries, i-PRO has developed a range of end-to-end solutions that support every operation of a business like yours. From on-site technology that improves access to information and the accuracy of work, to always-available communications that mean your teams stay connected wherever they are.

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Hotels & Conferencing

For the ultimate in guest convenience and comfort, i-PRO provides hotel solutions that cover every aspect of your business. From reducing your operational costs to improving visitor information, and from increasing security to cutting management complexity, our technology has the built-for-purpose capability to support everything you do.

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Theatres & Cinemas

Visitors to your premises want entertainment, enjoyment and convenience. Including technology that delivers eye-catching promotions and valuable visitor information, through to projections and displays that enhance the atmosphere in your building, we can help your business attract and retain customers more successfully than ever.

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i-PRO’s casino solutions are designed to help you enhance the visitor experience in your venue, while reducing crime and improving security. With our help, you can build a business that’s more efficient, more customer focused and more profitable than ever before.

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In museums around the world, whatever the setting and however significant the challenge, i-PRO’s integrated technology is helping to create unforgettable, unmissable displays in all types of museum.

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Rental & Staging

At corporate events, concerts, exhibitions, displays and major international shows, i-PRO’s rental and staging technology is helping to create unforgettable atmospheres and experiences.

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i-PRO Security solutions deliver the highest image quality in all environmental conditions using our highly reliable, advanced technology cameras and image recording systems.Our continuously expanding range of security products contains a variety of intelligent features, many of which can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete, reliable, and cost -effective security system

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i-PRO’s specialist solutions for governmental organisations are designed to support the many different functions and activities you carry out, ensuring better communication, greater engagement and more efficiency in everything you do.

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Case Studies

  • Stadium
  • Entertainment

Brøndby IF utilise FacePRO to improve fan safety and experience

Fan safety enhanced through innovative use of Panasonic’s facial recognition and security camera solutions at Brøndby football club’s family friendly stadium.

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  • Denmark
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

New sustainable logistics headquarters Rhenus in Tilburg optimally secured

Rhenus Logistics is a logistics company that is active worldwide in the transport, storage and transfer of goods.

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  • Nederland
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

Hermes delivers door to door success

Installing a roll out of Panasonic security technology across the majority of Hermes UK warehouses to improve parcel processing and maintain customer reputations

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  • Hemel Hempstead / UK
  • City Surveillance

Improving security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra, Slovakia

Challenge: improve security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra Solution while combining rotating and static IP cameras with HD and full HD video resolution

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  • Slovakia

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