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360-degree fisheye Camera

WV-S4550LM i-PRO

i-PRO Extreme H.265 360-degree Fisheye Network Camera

5MP 360-degree In-vehicle Dome Network Camera

  • 5-megapixel images up to 30 fps
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • Super Dynamic 108dB
  • H.265 Smart Coding
  • IP66, IK10, 50J compliant, Dehumidification device
  • i-VMD License Bundled
  • Fiber Optic Media Converter Unit (Optional WV-S25F1)

WV-S4550 Icons

i-Pro's new network camera range combines 5MP resolution with the latest smart coding technology, which is capable of significantly reducing storage and network bandwidth. This 5MP 360 degree camera is part of our new i-PRO Extreme camera platform, such as of the new H.265 system.

i-Pro WV-S4550L(M) captures the highest quality images in some of the most challenging and dynamic environments due to its Super Dynamic 108dB. In particular, details at the edge of the fisheye, such as a person's face or an object, are much clearer with less distortion compared to other 360 degree camera models. This applies to both dark and bright image areas. 
Thanks to the built-in IR LED, objects are still visible in a clear monochrome image in zero lux conditions with 10 m irradiation distance.

Intelligent Auto (iA) mode enables sharp images of moving objects through the automatical optimisation of the camera parameters for the best tuned image in various scenes (using full auto shutter, iris control, backlit compensation and auto image stabilization). The camera monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time, reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects. 

Adopting the latest H.265 Smart Coding technology, the system intelligently reduces bandwidth efficiency up to 95%*1 over H.264 for longer recording and less storage. Combined with the new frame rate control, Auto-VIQS, the cameras can reduce the amount of data by up to approx. 95%  for still scenes and up to approx. 80% for moving scenes compared to the H.264 codec.

It also supports full data encryption streaming and is compliant to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards to keep your video secured. Our third partner certificate secures protection from cyber attacks, prevention of video leakage and data on communication networks.

This camera is designed for high endurance under extreme outdoor conditions and perfectly suitable for applications like transportation, surveillance in public spaces, logistics and much more.

Extreme Reliability

The 360 outdoor dome camera achieves high endurance under extreme external conditions due to the built-in electrical dehumidification device, making sure the camera is kept dry on the inside. 
The corrosion resistant screws on the outside of the camera prevent deterioration of the materials in salt-exposed surroundings, perfectly complimented by the camera's water and dust resistant standards, such as IP66 and NEMA 4X
The vandal resistant camera is also IK10 and 50J compliant and therefore can be exposed to high impacts of vandalism.


Powerful Built-in Analytics for Advanced Behavior Analysis, Privacy Protection and Automated CCTV

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping enables the analysis of high-traffic and long-stay zones and therefore offers visualisation of the footfall within the camera’s field of view. This is ideal for business intelligence and operational efficiency applications, particularly the retail market.

Users can make operational decisions, such as staffing areas accordingly, based on the locations of the highest and lowest traffic areas within their store through analysing hot spots and visitor behavior.

Heat Mapping
People Counting

People Counting

People counting is ideal for taking headcounts in various environments, including retail, schools, banks, recreation facilities, museums, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight. This system provides data analysis, allowing you to gain insight of the numbers of visitors per day.

In addition, the busiest and key areas or exhibits can be identified, and - in combination with heatmapping - allow enhancement of the customer experience throughout the whole visitor flow.


People Masking (Moving Object Removal)

i-Pro's people masking technology uses an MOR (Moving Object Removal) function to mask moving objects and to also conceal static areas that you feel should remain confidential. The MOR function can also be removed and masked areas changed at your leisure to ensure an adaptable and easy to use system. 

People Masking is even GDPR compliant and suitable for use in a variety of environments such as retail, logistics, banking, and much more. 

People Masking

Intelligent Video Motion Detection (iVMD)

i-VMD makes security system operations easier to operate, more automated and therefore more secure. The software is able to detect the motion of objects in the shooting area. Due to virtually pre-defined areas within the camera view, alarms can be triggered to indicate abnormal or unexpected behaviour of persons or objects inside the detection area.



Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions

- Clear and less distorted image of the person's face and objects at the edge of the fisheye
- Instant response to sudden light changes like tunnel entry and exit
- Auto Shutter speed control for fast moving objects
- Super Dynamic 108dB for backlit situations and shadows on night streets
- Built-in IR LED to produce a clear monochrome image in zero lux conditions with 10 m irradiation distance
- Environmental durability : EN50155, IP66, IK10, 50J and electric dehumidifier

Extreme H.265 compression with new Smart Coding

- Longer recording and less storage space compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
- New self-learning ROI*2 encoding (Auto VIQS) dynamically detects motion areas to keep vehicles and humans in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth

Extreme Data Security

- Full encryption SD card edge recording to keep your data safe
- FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant
- Full end-to-end system encryption with supported VMS and devices to protect from IP snooping/spoofing and detect data alteration

Complete with powerful analytics built-in*3

- Heat mapping : Visualization of people's traffic pattern and staying times
- People Counting : Statistics data on the number of people entering and leaving a specific zone
- MOR (Moving Object Remover) : Monitoring of only the surrounding environment by removing people and other moving objects from video

*1 Value in Advanced mode depending on the scene

*2 Region of Interest

*3 To enable analytics the optional WV-SAE200 software is required

Image Sensor Approx. 1/3 type MOS image sensor
Minimum Illumination Color : 0.3 lx, BW : 0.04 lx (F2.4, Maximum shutter : Off (1/30 s), AGC : 11)
BW : 0 lx (F2.4, Maximum shutter : Off (1/30 s), AGC : 11, when the IR LED is lit)
Color : 0.02 lx, BW : 0.0025 lx (F2.4, Maximum shutter : Max. 16/30s, AGC : 11) *Converted value
Intelligent Auto On / Off
Maximum Shutter Max.16/30s to Max. 1/10000s
Super Dynamic On / Off, the level can be set in the range of 0 to 31.
Dynamic Range 108 dB (Super Dynamic : On)
Image Settings Gain (AGC), White balance
Image Compensation Adaptive black stretch, Back light compensation (BLC),
Fog compensation, High light compensation (HLC),
Digital noise reduction
Color/BW (ICR) Off / On (IR Light Off) / On (IR Light On) / Auto1 (IR Light Off) /
Auto2 (IR Light On) / Auto3 (SCC)
IR LED High* / Middle / Low / Off
*Maximum irradiation distance : 10 m {Approx. 33 ft} (Peripheral intensity control : On)
Video Motion Detection (VMD) On / Off, 4 areas available
Intelligent VMD (i-VMD) Type 5 *Bundled License
Privacy Zone On / Off (up to 8 zones available)
Camera Title (OSD) On / Off Up to 20 characters (alphanumeric characters, marks)
Fixing angle adjustment -5°, 0°, +5°
Zoom Ratio 1x
Digital (Electronic) Zoom Choose from 3 levels of x1, x2, x4
Focal Length 0.84 mm {1/32 inches}
Maximum Aperture Ratio 01:02.4
Focus Range 0.3 m {11-13/16 inches} - ∞
Angular Field of View Horizontal : 186° Vertical : 186°
Camera Control Brightness, AUX On / Off
Audio Mic (Line) Input : On / Off Volume adjustment : Low / Middle / High
Audio Output : On / Off Volume adjustment : Low / Middle / High
GUI / Setup Menu Language English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,
Chinese, Japanese
Network IF 10Base-T / 100Base-TX, M12 connector
Image Resolution ,
•Fisheye mode max.30 fps
2192×2192 / 1280×1280 / 640×640 / 320×320
•Quad PTZ mode max.30 fps, Single PTZ mode max.30 fps
1600×1200 / 1280×960 / 800×600 / VGA / QVGA

•Double Panorama mode (max. 30 fps)
1920×1080 / 1280×720 / 640×360 / 320×180
•Fisheye + Double Panorama mode (max. 30 fps)
(Fisheye) 2192×2192 / 1280×1280 / 640×640 / 320×320
(Double Panorama) 1280×720 / 640×360 / 320×180
•Fisheye + Quad PTZ mode (max. 30 fps)
(Fisheye) 2192×2192 / 1280×1280 / 640×640 / 320×320
(Quad PTZ) 1280×960 / 800×600 / VGA / QVGA
•Quad streams mode
(Single PTZ (Quad streams)) 1280×960 / 800×600 / VGA / QVGA (max. 30 fps)
(Quad PTZ) 1600×1200 / 1280×960 / 800×600 / VGA / QVGA (max. 5 fps)

•Panorama mode (max. 30 fps)
1920×1080 / 1280×720 / 640×360 / 320×180
•Fisheye + Panorama mode (max. 30 fps)
(Fisheye) 2192×2192 / 1280×1280 / 640×640 / 320×320
(Panorama) 1280×720 / 640×360 / 320×180
H.265 / H.264 [Transmission Mode]
Constant bit rate / Variable bit rate / Frame rate / Best effort
[Transmission Type]
Unicast / Multicast
JPEG [Image Quality]
10 steps
Smart Coding GOP (Group of pictures) control :
On (Frame rate control)* / On (Advanced)* / On (Low) / On (Mid) / Off
*On (Frame rate control) and On (Advanced) are only available with H.265.
Auto VIQS : On / Off
Audio Compression G.726 (ADPCM) : 16 kbps / 32 kbps,
G.711 : 64 kbps,
AAC-LC : 64 kbps / 96 kbps / 128 kbps
Supported Protocol IPv6 : TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, DHCPv6, MLD, ICMP, ARP, DiffServ, IEEE802.1X
No. of Simultaneous Users Up to 14 users (Depends on network conditions)
SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card (Option) H.265 / H.264 recording : Manual REC / Alarm REC (Pre/Post) / Schedule REC / Backup upon network failure
JPEG recording : Manual REC / Alarm REC (Pre/Post) / Backup upon network failure
Compatible SD (SDHC/SDXC) card : Panasonic 2 GB, 4 GB*, 8 GB*, 16 GB*, 32 GB*, 64 GB**, 128 GB**, 256 GB** model
*SDHC card, ** SDXC card (except miniSD card and microSD card)
Mobile Terminal Compatibility iPad, iPhone, Android TM mobile terminals
Alarm Source 3 terminals input, VMD, Command alarm
Alarm Actions SDXC/SDHC/SD memory recording, E-mail notification, HTTP alarm notification, Indication on browser, FTP image transfer, Panasonic alarm protocol output
Audio Input ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack, Recommended applicable microphone : Plug-in power type
(Sensitivity of microphone : –48 dB ±3 dB (0 dB=1 V / Pa,1 kHz))
Input impedance : Approx. 2 kΩ (unbalanced) Supply voltage : 2.5 V ±0.5 V
Audio Output ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack (monaural output)
Output impedance : Approx. 600Ω (unbalanced) Output level : –20 dBV
External I/O Terminals ALARM IN 1 (Black & white input, Auto time adjustment) (x1),
Safety UL (UL60950-1), c-UL (CSA C22.2 No.60950-1), CE, IEC60950-1
EMC FCC (Part15 ClassA), ICES003 ClassA, EN55032 ClassB, EN55024
Power Source and Power Consumption DC power supply : DC12 V 910 mA, Approx. 10.9 W
PoE (IEEE802.3af compliant) Device :
DC48 V 240 mA, Approx. 11.5 W (Class 0 device)
Ambient Operating Temperature IR LED : On -40 °C to +50 °C (-40 °F to 122 °F)
IR LED : Off -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F)
Ambient Operating Humidity 10 to 100 % (no condensation)
Water and Dust Resistance IP66(IEC60529), Type 4X(UL50), NEMA 4X compliant
Shock Resistance 50J (IEC 60068-2-75 compliant), IK10 (IEC 62262)
Dimensions When using the attachment plate :
ø154 mm × 60.3 mm (H) {ø6-1/16 inches × 2-3/8 inches (H)}
Dome radius 35 mm {1-3/8 inches}
Mass (Approx.) When using the attachment plate : Approx. 870 g {1.92 lbs}
Finish Main body : Aluminum die cast, Light gray
Outer fixing screws : Stainless steel
Dome section : Polycarbonate resin, Clear

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