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Bullet Type Camera: Analog Camera

WV-CW380 i-PRO

Bullet Type Analog Camera


Super Dynamic III Weather Resistant Day/Night Camera

The i-PRO WV-CW380 fixed weather resistant DAY/NIGHT camera features Super Dynamic III technology which allows for up to 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range to be achieved compared to conventional cameras. The WV-CW380 also features a 5.0 ~ 40 mm, 8x varifocal lens with a 2 x digital zoom for high sensitivity performance and image quality.

With a high resolution of 540 TV lines (Colour HIGH mode), 480 TV lines (Colour NORMAL mode) and 570 TV lines (B/W mode), the WV-CW380 also includes a DAY/NIGHT function with an IR cut filter which is automatically placed off to ensure high picture quality during both colour (daytime) and B/W (night time) operation.

Auto Back Focus (ABF) is another important feature which enables the camera to maintain a sharp focus in both colour and B/W modes, and reduces installation time by focusing at the touch of a button.  The camera features an electronic sensitivity enhancement of up to 10x, a manual up to 32x and a Video Motion Detector with a Sensitivity of 256 steps which can Mask 8 x 6 areas at any one time. The camera also has a strong visibility due to its flashing blue LED light, which acts as a deterrent to passers by.

The WV-CW380 also features Auto image stabilizer for applications where vibration or wind is a concern ensuring a clear image in heavy rain and wind, or vibrations from passing traffic.  The intelligent camera also comes equipped with a built-in fan, heater and sun shield maintaining an ambient operating temperature range between -30°C and + 50°C at all times.

Furthermore, compatible with IEC60529, the camera is both IP66 rated water and dust resistant, ensuring protection from heavy dust, rain, sleet or snow.Equipped with a multi language setup menu including English, French, Italian and Spanish, German and Russian, as well as a mounting bracket to enclose the video and power cables properly, the WV-CW380 ensures a trouble-free installation, with a tidy looking finish.

Image Sensor 1/3 inch interline transfer CCD
Effective Pixels NTSC: 768 (H) x 494 (V)
PAL: 752 (H) x 582 (V)
Scanning Mode 2:1 interlace scan
Scanning Area 4.8 (H) x 3.6 (V) mm
Scanning Frequency Horizontal: 15.734 kHz|Horizontal: 15.625 kHz|Vertical: 59.94 Hz|Vertical: 50 Hz
Scanning Line 525 lines|625 lines
Horizontal Resolution 540 TV lines at color high mode,|480 TV lines at color normal mode, 570 TV lines at B/W mode
Minimum Illumination Color (30 IRE):|0.65 lux (Sens UP: OFF), 0.065 lux* (SENS UP: 10x) at F1.6 Wide|B/W (10 IRE):|0.09 lux (Sens UP: OFF), 0.009 lux* (SENS UP: 10x) at F1.6 Wide
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 50 dB (AGC Off, Weight On)
White Balance AWC (2,000 ~ 10,000 K), ATW1 (2,700 ~ 6,000 K),|ATW2 (2,000 ~ 6,000 K)
Light Control ALC
Super Dynamic III ON or OFF (with BLC masking 8 x 6 areas)
Dynamic Range 52 dB typical|(Super Dynamic III ON)|54 dB typical|(Super Dynamic III ON)
Electronic Shutter OFF (1/60), 1/100, 1/250,|1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000,|1/4,000, 1/10,000 s|OFF (1/50), 1/120, 1/250,|1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000,|1/4,000, 1/10,000 s
Electronic Sensitivity Up OFF / AUTO (2x, 4x, 6x, 10x) / FIX (2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 16x, 32x)
Digital Noise Reduction High / Low
Resolution Mode Normal / High
Black and White Mode Mode: AUTO1 / AUTO2 / ON / OFF, Level: High / Low
Digital Zoom 2x
Video Motion Detection OFF / Mode1 (VMD) / Mode2 (Scene change),|Sensitivity 256 steps, Mask 8 x 6 areas
Scene Change Detection Yes, Included in VMD Mode2
Privacy Zone ON (Gray/Mosaic) or OFF
Auto Image Stabilizer ON or OFF
Camera Title Up to 16 characters
Lens Mount CS-mount
Back Focus Adjustment ABF, MANUAL, AUTO / PRESET / FIX
Synchronization Internal (INT), Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2), Line-Lock (LL)
Focal Length 5.0 ~ 40.0 mm, 8x varifocal
Angular Field of View H : 6.6¡ (TELE) ~ 52¡ (WIDE)|V : 5¡ (TELE) ~ 39.6¡ (WIDE)
Maximum Aperture Ratio 1:1.6 (WIDE) 1:1.9 (Tele)
Focusing Range 1.2 m ~ ° (3.9 ft. ~ °)
Horizontal ±100¡ (Camera mount bracket)
Vertical +30¡, Ð90¡ (Camera mount bracket)
Video Output 1.0 V [p-p] / NTSC composite 75 ½ /|BNC Connector Multiplexed|VD2 and control data capable|1.0 V [p-p] / PAL composite 75 ½ /|BNC Connector Multiplexed|VD2 and control data capable
Monitor Output 1.0 V [p-p] / NTSC composite 75 ½ /|¿3.5 mm mini jack|1.0 V [p-p] / PAL composite 75 ½ /|¿3.5 mm mini jack
Setup Method OSD setup menu
Language English, Russian (For setup menu and camera title), German,|French, Italian, Spanish (For setup menu), Chinese, Japanese|(For camera title. Setup menu will be English.)
Safety/EMC Standard UL (UL60065),|FCC (Part15 ClassA),|C-UL (CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60065),|DOC (ICES003 ClassA)|CE (EN60065, EN55022 ClassB,|EN55024),|C-Tick
Power Source and Power Consumption 24 V AC 60 Hz, 18 W**,|12 V DC 540 mA***|220 ~ 240 V AC 50 Hz, 14 W**
Ambient Operating Temperature Ð10 ¡C ~ +50 ¡C (14 ¡F ~ 122 ¡F),|Ð30 ¡C ~ +50 ¡C (Ð22 ¡F ~ 122 ¡F)**
Ambient Operating Humidity 90 % or less (without condensation)
Water and Dust Resistance IP66, Compatible with IEC60529 measurement standard.
Dimensions 78 mm (H) x 82 mm (W) x 301 mm (L)|(3-1/16"(H) x 3-1/4"(W) x 11-7/8"(L)) (without bracket and sun shield)
Weight (Approx.) 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) (without bracket)|* Estimated figure|** With Heater|*** Heater cannot be operated under 12 V DC operation

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