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Enables cost efficient integration of AI into existing CCTV infrastructure for simplified intuitive management based on edge analytics.

Bracknell, UK. 13th July 2021 – i-PRO today announced the i-PRO Multi-AI System designed to harness the power of its latest AI cameras and applications by integrating them seamlessly into existing CCTV infrastructures. Available free-of-charge, the plug-in software allows users to easily manage the AI analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras, alongside their Video Management System. It creates a faster, more efficient and accurate AI-powered security solution without compromising on image quality or network performance.

Introduced today at the joint i-PRO and Genetec LinkedIn Live online event, the i-PRO Multi-AI System is already fully integrated with the latest version of Genetec Security Center (V5.10.1), as well as the in-house VMS Video Insight. Paired with the latest i-PRO S and X Series of AI capable cameras and its free-to-use AI security applications, it creates a new AI-driven security ecosystem.

The system works by using i-PRO AI-capable cameras with edge analytics, and plug-ins on the Video Management System (VMS) server and client side. The i-PRO Multi-AI System captures and filters the Best Shot images and metadata based on deep learning from the AI camera to enable highly accurate analysis. The powerful data can be used for AI-based detection and alarms, watch-list monitoring and also time-saving post event searches in order to enhance the capabilities of the CCTV infrastructure.

Complemented by free-to-use AI apps

The Multi-AI System can be used with existing i-PRO in-house AI applications, which include AI-VMD and AI Privacy Guard, as well as the three new AI applications which are AI Face, AI People and AI Vehicle Detection. All enable quick and easy search of footage based on metadata. These applications are perfectly suited to city surveillance and for public safety.

AI Face Detection enables highly accurate face detection. The application is even effective in low lighting environments, places with backlight conditions and with faces obscured by masks - especially relevant in the current pandemic.

AI People can detect and classify characteristics of the human face and clothing into useful categories such as gender, age and clothing colour. This detailed information can then be searched to easily identify an individual.

AI Vehicle Detection can detect and classify characteristics of vehicles, such as vehicle type and colour. In addition, sound classification picked up by external microphones, such as vehicle horns, gunshots, yelling or glass breaking has been added as a default feature into the range to lift AI beyond the purely visual.

“The introduction of i-PRO Multi-AI System, alongside our AI capable cameras and applications has created a powerful new AI-driven security eco-system that allows businesses to take their CCTV infrastructure to the next level,” said Gerard Figols, Head of Security Solutions at i-PRO Business Europe. “And because these systems are already compatible for use with market-leading 3rd party VMS providers like Genetec, it is cost efficient and simple to move to the AI-fication of the security market.”