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i-PRO announces secured lead times, stable prices and adds first i-PRO branded black cameras with AI engine in response to customer demand.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 8th March 2022 – With the wider industry facing component shortages and rising prices, i-PRO has introduced a new quick delivery service and confirmed that prices will remain unchanged for all i-PRO camera line-ups – underlining its commitment to be the trusted next generation partner for the security industry. In response to customer demand for more flexibility in installation, the company has also added its first i-PRO branded black security camera models.

Delivery certainty 

To provide partners and customers with certainty in the face of global chipset and semiconductor shortages, i-PRO has introduced its Quick Delivery Service for all key models in the i-PRO range, with availability 2-4 days from the European warehouse and 2-4 weeks from the factory. In addition, the company has committed to maintain the prices of its cameras, including the AI-enabled models, despite global pricing pressures. The move underlines i-PRO’s commitment to be a flexible and agile manufacturer for its customers, as the next generation partner for the security industry.

“At a time when the wider industry is struggling to meet market demand and facing constant rising prices, i-PRO EMEA is bringing certainty and offering stability to its partners and customers, as well as for the market and the whole industry,” said Gerard Figols, i-PRO EMEA President. “We have secured, the essential components we require and are confident in our delivery capabilities – allowing partners and customers the opportunity to focus on their own business with certainty.”

First i-PRO branded models in black

“We are very proud to launch these first i-PRO branded models in the EMEA market, extending our AI-ification strategy and bringing more choice to the market”, Gerard Figols added. The first black cameras are available immediately in the i-PRO Standard Series in outdoor and indoor dome and bullet models. These unobtrusive cameras from the AI-enabled range are ideal for positioning discreetly blending into the surrounding.

The S-Series delivers industry leading, powerful AI edge computing hardware, with in-house applications included free of charge. The system is also open for third party specialist application development to enable the cameras to be used in much wider commercial applications, such as Retail and Industry 4.0.

i-PRO Black model

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