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U Series Line-Up


The U-Series, our range of thirteen new indoor and outdoor security cameras, adds a cost effective entry-to-mid-level range to the i-PRO line-up whilst maintaining the high performance, visibility and reliability that customers expect.

The range offers a wide selection of cameras with dome and bullet designs, varifocal and fixed lens options, Full HD and 4MP, along with vandal resistant and weather proofed designs for outdoor models. Living up to i-PRO’s reputation for durability and reliability, the outdoor models in the line-up come with vandal resistant IK10 protection, water and dust protection and anti-corrosion screws.



The line-up is ideal for price sensitive organisations in education, logistics, hospitals, office spaces, retail stores and many other applications.

U-Series Education
U-Series Logistics
U-Series Office
U Series Retail


Low Light Performance Vandal and weather protection Corridor Mode Easy Installation Data Compression


Key Benefits of U Series

  • Full HD 30fps / 4MP 30fps
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Intelligent Auto (iA)
  • Super Dynamic
  • H.265 Smart Coding
  • Easy-Kitting Box Design
  • Corridor Mode


Low Light Performance

The U-Series cameras deliver day and night time visibility with low level lighting and IR-LED capabilities to ensure clear colour, quality security images 24/7. The cameras use i-PRO’s iA (Intelligent Auto) technology to monitor scene dynamics and motion and adjusts camera settings automatically in real-time to reduce distortion, such as motion blur on moving objects.


Vandal and weather protection


Living up to our renowned reputation for durability and reliability, the outdoor models in the line-up come with vandal resistant IK10 protection minimising the effect of external impact.

Furthermore, they are weather proof including water and dust protection plus anti-corrosion screws in line with IP66 standards.


Corridor Mode


Corridor mode adjusts the camera view to ensure stairways and long corridors can be monitored by a single camera.

The Super Dynamic capabilities allow the cameras to capture a wider range than traditional devices to ensure all locations and areas can be covered.




*1 Varifocal lens models only

Easy Installation


The smart design and packaging of the U-Series can reduce the installation time of the cameras.

For example, the cameras can be connected and configured prior to installation while still in their box. They also have motorised zoom*1 and auto focus capabilities for faster set-up.



Data Compression


Just like other cameras in the i-PRO Extreme platform, the U-Series uses H.265 compression and smart coding to reduce the amount of video data, which increases bandwidth efficiency and reduces storage requirements and costs.

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