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Security Camera Software and Accessories

i-PRO has developed a comprehensive selection of software and accessories designed to enhance any type of security or surveillance set-up at every stage.

From recording and flexible monitoring and control, to industry leading security camera lenses (compatible with many of our cameras), to desktop and wall mounted monitors and surveillance camera system controllers, you’ll find a product or solution to perfectly complement any new or existing security system for your business. 

Recording and client software - offering the ultimate in control and connectivity

Our recording and client software encompasses a broad range of solutions designed to equip you with total control over a multitude of security systems. Our network camera recorder with remote access, enables you to watch live and recorded images of up to 64 cameras within your IP network camera,  while the flexible layout gives you the option to view full or multiscreen options, as well as the ability to switch between cameras for effective monitoring.

The i-PRO Security Viewer app for both Android and iOS is another vital addition to the range, which enables the user to conveniently search by date and time, as well as view live images and play back previously recorded images. Our virtual matrix and control software provides full control of both IP and analogue systems of up to 64 recorders, 64 encoders and 2,048 cameras.

To achieve seamless, integrated management of our surveillance equipment, we have created the i-PRO Management Software which delivers an extremely efficient method for monitoring a vast number of security devices at various locations. Up to 100 recorders and 6,400 cameras can be registered, making this an ideal solution for multi-monitoring over a shared network.

Desktop and wall-mounted monitors featuring the latest in image processing technology

Our range of surveillance monitors feature the latest image-processing technology to deliver true sharpness and clarity as well as a longer life span. With high resolution LCD (liquid-crystal display) video, and high definition LED (light emitting diode) monitors to choose from, there will be a solution to suit varying needs. Ranging from 17inch to 24inch, they can be used as desktop monitors or mounted on the wall, and offer high resolution picture quality as standard.

System controllers offer a wealth of supporting features

Our WV-CU650 system controller featuring the Jog Dial and Shuttle Ring offers effective and efficient control over a variety of functions and settings, while the detached joystick, which enables you to pan, tilt and zoom, will simplify the tracking of any questionable subject and can be adjusted in height to ensure comfort for the operator. Designed to integrate with equipment such as recorders or matrix switchers, our system controllers are used for operating camera functions and displays, as well as for reviewing recorded footage.

In addition, our Ethernet system controller, which should be used with our i-Pro system range, offers seamless tracking and instinctive capabilities with a cockpit style button layout for ease of use.

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System controllers

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Our surveillance camera lenses are industry leading and widely compatible with our IP network and analogue static, dome and PTZ cameras.

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