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Featured Products

i-PRO Security Solutions Full IP Security

Now you can choose an IP Security System that freely adapts to your business needs.

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4K CCTV Camera Line up

i-PRO 4K security frees you to capture more detail, without the constraints of extra storage and bandwidth.

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Software and accessories

i-PRO has developed a comprehensive selection of software and accessories designed to enhance any type of security or surveillance set-up at every stage.

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Analogue Video Surveillance

The i-PRO range of analogue systems and products offer effective surveillance and CCTV security solutions in all types of environments, from ATMs to shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, airports and schools as well as many other settings where surveillance is required.

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Static cameras

Superb image quality and cost performance, qualities integral to i-PRO’s extensive static surveillance camera range.

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U Series Line-Up

The U-Series, our range of thirteen new indoor and outdoor security cameras, adds a cost effective entry-to-mid-level range to the i-PRO line-up whilst maintaining the high performance, visibility and reliability that customers expect.

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