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Swincar Nurseries in West Yorkshire upgrades surveillance with Panasonic an ETS Communications.

Andrew Fisher
West Yorkshire
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This type of easy to use system, was one of the main drivers for Swincar Nurseries, situated in the West Yorkshire town of Guiseley, choosing i-PRO.

What this ‘fit and forget’ approach can mean however, is that many clients aren’t getting full value from their security system.

Family run security

Swincar Nurseries is a family business, run by Andrew Fisher and wife, Diane, having been established by Andrew’s parents in 1964.

Prior to 2011, Andrew and Diane relied on the brain and eye to protect the 50 year old business. But a number of thefts over the years pushed them to find a solution to Swincar’s security.

“We’d looked at CCTV for quite a few years, and only after a spate of incidents did we decide to make the investment.” said Andrew Fisher.

After a lot of research and advice, ten i-PRO surveillance cameras were installed across the nursery, linked to a network recorder, by system integrators ETS Communications.















Kit List

2 x WV-SP306 Network Cameras with night time capability.
11 x WV-SW355 Dome Cameras
1 x WJ-NV200 Network Recorder

“The main thing that swung it was the quality of the image we saw with the i-PRO cameras. When we looked at the i-PRO product it was clear and crisp, a good image and the night time capability was absolutely fantastic. The whole package put together by i-PRO was very attractive,” Andrew Fisher continued.

In Autumn 2014, two more i-PRO surveillance cameras were added to the system. Andrew noticed that the new cameras, which were the same model, were performing significantly better than the original ones. 

"The police said the image
quality was by far the best
they'd ever seen."

This is a common occurrence with ‘fit and forget’ systems. i-PRO Sales Manager Martin Morris visited Guiseley to update the systems firmware, bringing the 2011 system up to speed with the new cameras.

“Firmware updates can make significant improvements to an existing security installation,” said Martin Morris. “For SMEs, without dedicated security staff, this can be easy to overlook, but it is important to do this every so often, to make sure the system is as effective as possible.”

Evidential image quality

Recently, a successful prosecution was made against a man stealing from the growing nursery as a result of evidence captured by the newly updated surveillance system.

“A customer told us he’d seen a man acting strangely. He’d walked up to the Nursery with a trolley and disappeared. But when he came back he had no plants and no trolley. We saw him on the cameras park his car out of the way, but right under a camera,” said Andrew Fisher.

“We looked at the sequence of events, got the registration of the car and informed the police of what we suspected. The same man in the same car came back the next day so we called police and confronted the gentleman. We found that the man had hidden shrubs behind a wall.

“When the police came he was made to pay on the back of evidence collected by the surveillance system. It’s reassuring that the image quality is that good and we can clearly see what’s going on. The police said the image quality was by far the best they’d ever seen, which pleases us because it shows we made the right choice.”

Improved customer service

Prosecutions aside, Swincar Nurseries has been able to help their customers several times, from cards left in card machines or the electrician thinking he’d left tools there. On one occasion, they were able to help an elderly customer locate his walking stick.

“We had an old gentleman come into the shop, he came in and he had a walking stick he was very fond of. He rang up later in the day said he left his walking stick. So we checked around, no walking stick, but he said it must be there. We looked back on the CCTV, saw the gentleman come and leave with the walking stick, and saw him in the car park putting it back on the parcel shelf of his car. So we rang him up and told him, he couldn’t believe it!”

Added peace of mind

The nursery also uses remote access to monitor security  on site.

“I can now look at the cameras from my tablet  or smart phone. If we’re on holiday, or even just down the road, we can check the CCTV  to see if everything’s in order.”