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St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy in Blackburn upgrades surveillance with i-PRO and Catchpoint UK Ltd.

St Wilfrid’s Church
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Back in 2004, the old mill building in Blackburn which housed St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy was knocked down to make way for a brand new 'built for purpose' school. This state-of-the-art education centre opened its doors in 2007, complete with a i-PRO surveillance system consisting of 25 cameras to ensure the safety to staff and students.

The subsequent expansion of the Academy required the surveillance system to expand, a total of 45 cameras were installed by 2009.

Finally in July 2014, i-PRO distributers Catchpoint UK Ltd upgraded the Academy’s surveillance system further, ready to go live for the new academic year in September 2014. The system now comprises over 80 cameras, with new cameras added to the existing security infrastructure installed in 2004.

Simon McNamara, Project Manager at Catchpoint UK Ltd said, “We asked i-PRO to come to talk to us about their latest equipment and with their help and advice we have extended the original system to cope with the increased demand now placed on it. In doing so, we have given


Kit List

  • 19 x WV-SF335 dome cameras
  • 17 x WV-SF332 cameras
  • WV-AS200 software
  • WJ-ND400 network video security recording system

St Wilfrid’s improved performance within the system, using HD cameras and the latest recording platform.”

"We had no hesitation in choosing i-PRO again."

Andy Cattanach, Strategic Manager ICT at St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy said, “The system has been reliable ever since it was originally installed, and when we realised that we needed to increase the number of cameras, we had no hesitation in choosing i-PRO again.

"We are now on the third phase of installation, and our total number of cameras has almost doubled from the initial number. We are noticing a significant improvement in image quality with the newer cameras, just as we were advised to expect.”

Installing the cameras

The latest upgrade to the school's security system provides high definition (720p HD) live and recorded images from 19 i-PRO WV-SF335 cameras in key areas, as well as SVGA images from 17 WV-SF332 cameras elsewhere in the school. The latest video recording (WJ-ND400) and video management software platform (WV-ASM200) has been installed, enabling the benefits of the high definition cameras to be fully utilised. 










About Catchpoint UK Ltd

Catchpoint UK Ltd is a complete solution provider for alarm systems, safety, access, prevention, and monitoring. Catchpoint UK Ltd is accredited by NSI Gold, Fire Industry Association, Contractor’s Health and Safety, Safecontractor

Is CCTV really necessary in schools?

As well as giving the means to detect unauthorised persons within the school grounds, the CCTV systems help reduce the amount of time teachers spend investigating the infrequent incidents of bad behaviour amongst pupils. CCTV systems in schools hold a number of other advantages which include:

• Deterring crime such as vandalism, violence and bullying
• Helps stop misbehaviour in lessons
• Prevents truancy
• Helps prevent theft and reduces the fear of crime
• Helps deter intruders from entering the school

Keeping costs to a minimum

The use of a completely IP based solution for St Wilfrid’s instead of a traditional analogue system means the installation labour time is significantly reduced. This allows for the savings to be passed back to the school so more funds can be put towards educational resources for students and less has to be spent on infrastructure.