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The SCL Tigers have a firm grip on their opponents and the safety of visitors too!. The ILFISHALLE, the home base of the SCL Tigers, one of Switzerland's most traditional ice hockey clubs, is secured using a cutting-edge i-PRO video surveillance system.

The ILFISHALLE, the home base of the SCL Tigers, one of Switzerland's most traditional ice hockey clubs, is secured using a cutting-edge i-PRO video surveillance system.

SCL Tigers
ILFISHALLE, Switzerland
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The "SCL Tigers" have been an established name in the Swiss ice hockey scene since 1964. The team is based in the ILFISHALLE in Langnau i.E. The "SCL Tigers" play in the National League A, the top division in Switzerland. For clubs in this division, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation sets out regulations focusing on the safety of people and the security of the building.

Big line-up for high security demands

In terms of quality, i-PRO has one of the best video surveillance line-ups in the sector. i-PRO’s IP security solutions offer the latest technologies and a wealth of innovative features for a wide range of security applications.


The requirements of the Swissso  Ice Hockey Federation

Various incidents in the past have prompted the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation to impose regulations with regards to safety and security in and around the stadium. Peter Müller, CEO of the SCL Tigers, explained: "The stadium operators must be able to review the video material of the stands and the areas outside the stadium within hours of  the incident taking place". When asked why the ILFISHALLE opted for a complete video surveillance solution from i-PRO, Peter Müller replied: "The i-PRO brand is well known for its reliability and high-quality products. Value for money was another key aspect, and i-PRO provides exactly what we were looking for. For us, it's important that we invest capital in the best way possible and get the most out of it.

Monitoring inside the stadium

4K technology for sharp and clear images

Panasonic 4K cameras capture an area which is four or nine times bigger than 1080p or 720p cameras. This not only allows even higher and more reliable image quality but also reduces the transmission rate for the network. With a 6x optical zoom, objects and people can be clearly identified. 4K WV-SFV781L dome cameras were installed above the spectator stands in the ILFISHALLE. The cameras monitor the area opposite and the sides of the stands. The entire length of a stand can be monitored with just two cameras. The side stands and fan curves are each monitored with one 4K camera. The image quality of Panasonic's 4K products puts everything else in the shade. Even the tiniest detail is recorded and documented precisely. A wide image angle is important, and the Panasonic cameras with genuine 4K resolution offer crystal-clear image sharpness in all image areas, whether it be in the centre or in the corners. And this is possible even with a distance of over 50 m between the camera and spectators! The 4K technology reduces the number of cameras as well as the resources needed to display and evaluate the images at the monitoring point. This reduction in hardware decreases the overall operating costs while increasing quality. The  WV-SFV781L is a vandal-proof camera offering a high level of reliability.

Full HD for smaller areas

The vandal-proof WV-SFV631 is an absolute top product and is ideal for monitoring small corners and areas. Thanks to Auto Back Focus (ABF) and Remote Zoom, installation is made easier because the camera can be set with a laptop or from a PC. In the event of a camera defocus, the problem can easily be rectified without the use of a ladder. Thanks to the "Deep of Field" (DoF) feature encountered in photography, both close-up and long-distance images are sharp at all times.


Monitoring the area outside the stadium

Vandal-proof full HD fixed dome cameras

To ensure flexibility when monitoring outside and inside the stadium, the WV-SW598A, a full HD IP dome camera with PTZ function is used. This camera provides a 30x optical zoom and also features a vandal-proof IP66 housing. With its 128x dynamic range, the camera is ideal for producing day and night images.

With its wide range of functions, the SW598A is an intelligent camera which offers excellent performance even in rain, snow and fog thanks to analytics. The special dome with rain wash technology supports and further improves the camera's top image quality.


Video recording

For recording purposes, the WJ-NV300 model is used. This is a network hard drive recorder to which up to 32 video channels can be connected. The recorder stands out with its high level of reliability and straightforward, intuitive graphic user interface.

Live recordings and recording in real time (30 fps) are possible on all channels. The cameras are easy to use and allow live surveillance in different display modes. Via the built-in splitter, an additional monitor can show the entire ice hockey game as an overview. As a result, searching for or exporting photos or video sequences is very easy and is possible on the recorder itself or a network PC.